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TODAY 21.3.18
March 21, 2018

3.03.18.. maska.JPG

lovely spring

stopped by global warming

a fairy snowstorm yesterday

the Sun and frost today

silently musing

what is still coming


TODAY 20.3.18
March 20, 2018

20.3.18.. kaapnees nabadziite aplauzta

it’s so sad

your parent is dead


doesn’t bother

but you want to have  fun

and enjoy the Sun


TODAY 19.3.18
March 19, 2018

19.3.18 mizuna

something exotic for me

eager to grow and see

my fairyland waiting

and  expecting

Mizuna Japanese

as a new fresh breeze


TODAY 18.3.18
March 18, 2018

18.3.18.. dk weed

urging hard

for spring to start


and striving


TODAY 17.3.18
March 17, 2018

17.3.18 pl zapte

sweet cherries

wild berries

summer woods

full with food

sweet wild dreams

so far this seems



TODAY 16.3.18
March 16, 2018

16.3.18 AIS ANGEL

a great day


letters from  friends

kindly written and sent

thank you Jaume and Ais

it was really nice


TODAY 15.3.18
March 15, 2018

15.3.18. R tilts

the bridge  to the city

seems quite pretty

the wind blowing cold

the sun like a dim gold



TODAY 14.3.18
March 14, 2018

LONDON 26.12.12 RAIN

sweet days

so far away

saved in your mind

happy to find

on a gloomy day

like today

TODAY 13.3.18
March 14, 2018


offers true or fake

refuse them or take

change your freedom

for grey boredom

to gain or to lose

dear Heavens help to choose

TODAY 11.3.18
March 11, 2018

neuzer bobby 99 eur.13.6 kg

wretched and jobless

but no hopeless

having a dream

a bold one it seems

to ride a bike again

enjoying summer sun and rains

TODAY 10.3.18
March 10, 2018


fire burning

flames singing

spring is coming


TODAY 9.3.18
March 9, 2018

9,3,18 lux m

politicians travel
pretending to unravel
problems and seeking solutions
causing wars and revolutions
poisoning the blue sky
making humanity and nature to die


TODAY 8.3.18
March 8, 2018


March here at last

but winter still isn’t the past

also today

the frost says

winter is here

keep waiting, my dear






TODAY 6.3.18
March 6, 2018


the sky changing

for a  new season

the birds chirping

without any reason

the spring is coming

and your heart is laughing


TODAY 5.3.18
March 5, 2018


my dears lovely pink

my screen the same shade

dreaming about you

so my PC seems to upgrade

radiating some spell

who can tell



TODAY 4.3.18
March 4, 2018

4.3.18 dw servicerest in peace

our dears



us here

from fascists

and leftists




TODAY 2.3.18
March 2, 2018


4.3.15 (2).jpg

A March day


a bit warmer

neither windy nor stormy

the sky turning colourful

but winter still  old and  powerful





TODAY 1.3.18
March 2, 2018

1.3.18. A by Wh.h
you are so exotic
in life so chaotic
nothing seems true
only you only you
keeping silence
full with prudence

TODAY 28.2.18
February 28, 2018

from East
Arctic cold
cruelly bold
and impertinent
seizing the Continent
global warming
goes to nothing

TODAY 27.2.18
February 27, 2018

wonderful flame
never the same
both servant and master
making the heart faster
warm and beautiful
dangerous a bit
but neat and fit

TODAY 26.2.18
February 26, 2018

clouds snow-white
travel high
bright and light
would be good to fly
with them (if might)
in the blue sky

TODAY 25.2.18
February 25, 2018

carnivals somewhere
with queens and flowers
Arctic winter here
demonstrates its power
French Nice hosts Flower queen
the North offers here minus nineteen

TODAY 24.2.18
February 24, 2018

Imelda May
and singing
greeting the day
Imelda May

TODAY 23.2.18
February 23, 2018

Death comes
mostly unwelcome
to everyone everywhere
here and there
a human cannot win
just give in

TODAY 22.2.18
February 22, 2018

locked in ice cage
it seems for ages
no news no mail
feeling like jailed

TODAY 21.2.18
February 21, 2018

frosty morning
the Sun smiling
the spring in the air
clear and fair
March not far away
from today

TODAY 20.2.18
February 20, 2018

enjoyed a winter day
in a town
clad in white gown
chimneys smoking
the sun shining

TODAY 19.2.18
February 19, 2018

February February
you are worse than January
weather-men warning
colder days are coming
meanwhile Danska pepperweed
is a very special breed
turning green
to be welcomed and seen

TODAY 18.2.18
February 18, 2018

a winter day white
dim not bright
a noisy Sunday

TODAY 17.2.18
February 17, 2018

expecting Arctic cold
waving and unfold
winter seems endless
making you hopeless
meanwhile your life runs away
nothing more to say

TODAY 16.2.18
February 16, 2018

be creative
and inventive
enjoy the day

TODAY 15.2.18
February 15, 2018

long walk
better than long talk
good walk a day
keeps doctors away
better to be crazy
than slow and lazy

TODAY 14.2.18
February 14, 2018

sad news today: Death picked
Danmark’s Prince Henrik
and took Him away

TODAY 13.2.18
February 14, 2018

winter is still here
but let’s be strong my dear
we must survive we must
trust me please trust
nice days will come and warm
with loud thunderstorms
the winter will go and pass
we’ll welcome green grass
and fragrant flowers
and mild summer showers

TODAY 12.2.18
February 12, 2018

cannot wait for spring
my dears, my darlings
I cannot wait too
like you like you

TODAY 11.2.18
February 11, 2018

life burning away
both by night and day
blesses Sunday
calm and peaceful
white and beautiful
thankful to my Fate
at any rate

TODAY 10.2.18
February 10, 2018

so happy to be with you
hope you are happy too
but life is ruthless
and we are powerless
life makes corrections
and we have no protection

TODAY 9.2.18
February 9, 2018

mafia is a strong team
stronger than it seems
invincible in darkness
wrapped in wrongness
dirty cowards
moving forward
meeting no resistance
and no persistence

TODAY 8.2.18
February 8, 2018

be in the sky blue
together with you
leave serfdom
enjoy freedom
happy over there
meet our dears

TODAY 7.2.18
February 7, 2018

my friends sincere
are with me here
my friends in need
survived indeed
thank you Heavens
for your kind presence

TODAY 6.2.18
February 6, 2018

words can be dangerous
be careful and serious
don’t swear
meaning your dears
be careful
and lovingful

TODAY 5.2.18
February 5, 2018

push back
to misfortune sack
all disasters
quick and fast
unfriend souls
jealous and foul
fly free at last
to Universe vast

TODAY 4.2.18
February 4, 2018

winter story
in a full glory
winter wind singing
on a cold morning
dark solitude
grim and rude

TODAY 3.2.18
February 3, 2018

and craving
for something good
a bit more than the food

TODAY 2.2.18
February 2, 2018

morning fog tense
like invisible fence
so depressive
and oppressive
yet candle light gaily
brightens your life daily

TODAY 1.2.18
February 1, 2018

February, hello,
my good fellow,
with snowstorm
and white forms
and Moon bloody blue
arrived with you
my hello to her too

TODAY 31.1.18
January 31, 2018

January, your last day
arrived today
thanks for being merciful
the plants are quite hopeful
thank you, January,
and welcome, February

TODAY 30.1.18
January 30, 2018

the wind from West
is always best
even with snow
and winter glow
thank you West
for being my best

TODAY 29.1.18
January 29, 2018

this day
seemed OK
but later
a new blow by Fate
the highest time to die
no place for me under the sky

TODAY 28.1.18
January 28, 2018

golden Sunday
on a grey day
God words healing
and appealing

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