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TODAY 18.7.19
July 18, 2019


charming at the garden paradise

descended from the very sky

smiling to all and everyone

happily looking at the Sun



TODAY 17.7.19
July 17, 2019

17.7.19 labais kab




and caring

TODAY 16.7.19
July 16, 2019

16.7.19 upenes.jpg

better something

than nothing

scarce or plentiful

always be thankful


TODAY 15.7.19
July 15, 2019


half of July

don’t cry

summer still here

don’t cry, dear

TODAY 14.7.19
July 14, 2019

14.7.19c wh

so happy to meet

summer’s songs so sweet

while the nights are too cold

the days keep warm and bold

sunny and dearly loving

since the very morning


TODAY 13.7.19
July 14, 2019


you are so independent and proud

neither noisy nor loud

calmly living your own way

every single day

I can’t but admire you

wanting to live that way too

TODAY 12.7.19
July 12, 2019

12.7.19 konf

a bit crazy

yet amazing

bright and gay

on this day


TODAY 11.7.19
July 11, 2019

11.7.19 gbrCropped.jpg

happy dancing

this morning

flashing colours

summer odours


TODAY 10.7.19
July 10, 2019


are you going to a party?

then you should be smart

little black dress will do

making somebody special of you

TODAY 9.7.19
July 9, 2019

9.7.19 cup and s

busy in new beginning

this morning

TODAY 8.7.19
July 8, 2019

8.7.19 krese

calm and thinking

this morning

a bit pensive

no defensive


yet respected


TODAY 7.7.19
July 7, 2019

7.7.19kr dz

Sunday rainy and peaceful

calm and so beautiful

but a  bit sorrowful

TODAY 6.7.19
July 6, 2019


Saturday ah Saturday

what are you doing today?

cold rain in  the morning

though my little princess was smiling

later the Sun visited us

for a short while alas

since clouds covered everything

ah Saturday, what else will you bring?



TODAY 5.7.19
July 5, 2019

LONDON 26.12.12 RAIN

thank you dear rain
for coming back again
for washing dust and dirt away
and granting thirsty plants a good day
thanks for saving our forests
OUR REAL WEATHER knows what is best

TODAY 4.7.19
July 4, 2019

4.7.19. A neg.

a magic day

I had today

neither cold nor warm

with real thunderstorm

all my plans fulfilled

so happy and thrilled

a great walk

some small talk

only nice people on my way

happened  today

TODAY 3.7.19
July 3, 2019


too windy too cold?

you are brave and bold

and happy to exist

happy to fight and persist

TODAY 2.7.19
July 2, 2019

2.7.19kab z

happy and altruistic

never egoistic

thankful and forgiving

never arguing


TODAY 1.7.19
July 1, 2019


June swiftly passed
July already here alas
a bit of despair
as every year
though yet short nights
quite warm and light
still gardening
every morning
enjoying every hour
spent with friends – flowers

TODAY 30.6.19
June 30, 2019



you made me so happy today

I love you more than I can say


TODAY 29.6.19
June 29, 2019




a bit strange and painful day

not as  good as yesterday

but it’s OK


TODAY 28.6.19
June 28, 2019


a wonderful day


in tune

with good fortune

TODAY 27.6.19
June 27, 2019

26.6.19pa atv l 21.38

rain yesterday

rain today

rain rain rain

again and again

thank you High Powers

for good showers

TODAY 26.6.19
June 26, 2019


it is too hot and too dry

but you shine like the sky

enjoying every morning

and every evening

and each day

including today

TODAY 25.6.19
June 25, 2019

25.6.19 rb new.jpg


midsummer came powerful

strong and beautiful


TODAY 24.6.19
June 24, 2019


midsummer sun

offering extra fun

summer morning

merrily singing

promising a good day


TODAY 23.6.19
June 23, 2019

23.6.19 rb2. 1.jpg

every morning
is a new beginning
real and true
do you believe, do you?

TODAY 22.6.19
June 22, 2019

22.6.19 rb new.jpg

new life starting

this morning


TODAY 21.6.19
June 21, 2019

21.6.19. Salaca

just arranged

some change

making today

a wonderful day

TODAY 20.6.19
June 20, 2019

20.6.19 NEZINU

hi darling

good morning

I don’t know your name yet

let me know it let

I am so curious

and you look so glorious

TODAY 19.6.19
June 19, 2019


bright and colourful

strong and powerful

enjoying summer light

and warm summer nights

TODAY 18.6.19
June 18, 2019


so radiating

this morning

so happy

and pretty

TODAY 17.6.19
June 17, 2019


wonderful shower

kissing my flowers

what a great day

we had today


TODAY 16.6.19
June 16, 2019


happy you

lovely blue

a great Sunday


TODAY 15.6.19
June 15, 2019


North or West

summer is best

season of all

neither winter nor fall

is better only spring

is as good and caring

SPECIAL 14.6.19
June 14, 2019



special you are
the movie star
welcome here
come on dear

TODAY 13.6.19
June 14, 2019



the second half of June
is coming too soon
wonderful time of the year
short in a hurry so dear

TODAY 14.6.19
June 14, 2019

14.6.19 delf

happy and smiling

truly enjoying

hot summertime

at its prime

TODAY 12.6.19
June 12, 2019


survived the frosts

in May

neither killed nor lost

brisk today


TODAY 11.6.19
June 11, 2019


a bit of gardening

some letter writing

what should I do

without you?

letters and flowers

give me much power


TODAY 10.6.19
June 10, 2019


enjoying morning

my darling?

you are respectful

and so beautiful

TODAY 9.6.19
June 9, 2019

9.6.19spn 1.z

happy Sunday

a blessed day

happy feeling

this morning

TODAY 8.6.19
June 8, 2019

8.6.19stn solo

life without you

is sad and untrue

the colours still here

but not so nice and dear

TODAY 7.6.19
June 7, 2019

7.6.19rp v

poor you

alone and blue


and broken




TODAY 6.6.19
June 6, 2019

6.6.19sylv zied.jpg

the Sun burning like fire

you are a bit  tired

yet beautiful

and powerful


TODAY 5.6.19
June 5, 2019


hot and shimmering

was the morning

opening the way

to a new day



TODAY 4.6.19
June 4, 2019

summer nights
partly white
full of goodness
giving happiness
tenderly caressing
all and everything

TODAY 3.6.19
June 3, 2019




hello morning

nice and inviting

sunny and clear

hello morning dear



TODAY 2.6.19
June 2, 2019

2.6.19dilles sown

blessed Sunday


so calm and peaceful

green and beautiful



TODAY 1.6.19
June 1, 2019


not so far away

just yesterday

there was May

but today

it is June

too quick, too soon

TODAY 31.5.19
May 31, 2019

31.5.19 Marje Lii MUG

it was so good

to walk in  the wood

early in the morning

to hear birds’ singing

a bit later a cute thing

arrived from Marje-Lii my darling

(she has perfect timing)

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