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TODAY 9.12.18
December 9, 2018

warm memories
time of glory
crowds around
stable ground


TODAY 8.12.18
December 8, 2018

green and white
decorating light
live for ever
no give up, never!

TODAY 7.12.18
December 7, 2018

so grim and grey is the sky
but you don’t want to die

TODAY 6.12.18
December 6, 2018

your destiny
is full with mysteries

TODAY 5.12.18
December 5, 2018

hope is like the sky
it never dies
expecting always
better days
keeping light
in the darkest night

TODAY 4.12.18
December 4, 2018

ignore obstacles
trust miracles
dreams come true
for us two
we can meet one day
maybe today

TODAY 3.12.18
December 3, 2018

a queen and a king
have many strings
to deal with affairs
nice or unfair
a beggar is free
from that (like me)

TODAY 2.12.18
December 2, 2018

what keeps us waking
every morning
to start a new day
and move on our way
what makes us expecting
for something?
why, life is wonderful
that’s why we keep to stroll

TODAY 1.12.18
December 1, 2018


better is December

than October or November

closer to the month of May

more hopeful I’d say

three  more weeks

and darkness will be weaker

and one lovely morning

will start the way to the new spring

TODAY 30.11.18
November 30, 2018

try hard do try
before you die
to care for your dear
while you both are here
don’t you hesitate
later might be too late

TODAY 29.11.18
November 29, 2018

thanks a lot Flame
my charming dame
for great warming
on this cold morning

TODAY 28.11.18
November 28, 2018


November will be away

in a few days

sunny coldness

some aloofness

serving Nature rules

and not naive fools



TODAY 27.11.18
November 27, 2018

life is a great maze
mysterious and amazing
human is a weak creature
a small particle of Nature

TODAY 26.11.18
November 26, 2018

comfortable feeling
this morning
immensely thankful:
my world is peaceful

TODAY 25.11.18
November 25, 2018

unable to repay
your goodness
and kindness
especially today

TODAY 24.11.18
November 24, 2018

frosty minus three
but you feel free
standing in the cold
without any coat

TODAY 23.11.18
November 23, 2018

again happy today
since warmer is the day
colouring the grey landscape
as if ready to run and escape
unpleasant season
(losing reason)

TODAY 22.11.18
November 22, 2018

winter ruling
this morning

TODAY 21.11.18
November 21, 2018

to move 100 days
away from today
back in summer
or pass the winter
and have early spring
that would be fascinating

TODAY 20.11.18
November 20, 2018


you are beautiful my dear

so happy to have you here

life seems more tolerable

and even now acceptable

TODAY 19.11.18
November 19, 2018


a cold and windy day

arrived today

preparing for frosts

since summer is lost

long season starting

dark and depressing

TODAY 18.11.18
November 18, 2018

like a dream
this seems
some déjà vu
together with you
enjoying the day –
the wonderful Sunday

TODAY 17.11.18
November 17, 2018

November seventeen
the world still green
summer gone
but life goes on
happy for a new day

November 16, 2018

November sixteen
on the Universe screen
enjoying a calm day
still happy today

TODAY 15.11.18
November 15, 2018

winter knocking at the doors
what are you waiting for
enjoy every hour and day
be happy and lucky today

TODAY 14.11.18
November 14, 2018

thank you God for new day
You offered us today

TODAY 13.11.18
November 14, 2018

not waiting for Friday
enjoying every day
the same way
it seems you are
akin to stars
so close and so far

TODAY 11.11.18
November 11, 2018

the wind blowing
this morning
cold and ruthless
and life seems helpless

TODAY 10.11.18
November 10, 2018

another day of November
goes closer to December
greyness and fog ruling
on this lazy morning

TODAY 9.11.18
November 9, 2018

little sun in the dark
a light beautiful mark
saying hello to all dears
here and over there

TODAY 8.11.18
November 8, 2018

neither nightingale nor swallow
now lives by my window
no jolly fellows
only November shadows
just bleak greyness
and dumb darkness
no sweet mornings
untill the next spring

TODAY 7.11.18
November 7, 2018

my little paradise
looking with starry eyes
thank you Lord
for the chance to afford
summer time longer
and making us stronger

TODAY 6.11.18
November 6, 2018

just pray
and every day
be thankful
and thoughtful

TODAY 5.11.18
November 5, 2018

lovely and magic
though a bit tragic
this November
is to be remembered
thank you darling
for wonderful morning

TODAY 4.11.18
November 4, 2018


what a sunny day
we have this Sunday
tiniest light is welcome
so sweet and wholesome

TODAY 3.11.18
November 3, 2018

no sorcerer
is stronger
than the Earth
than death and birth
Nature is clever
always for ever

TODAY 2.11.18
November 2, 2018

what a happy day
this friday
no stress
no mess
just calmness
and happiness

TODAY 1.11.18
November 1, 2018

november came colourful
and quite beautiful

TODAY 31.10.18
October 31, 2018

the very last day
of this October
came today
not quite sober
warming again
and with rain

TODAY 30.10.18
October 30, 2018

for whom tolls the bell
calling to heavens or hell
must you follow this way

TODAY 29.10.18
October 29, 2018

frosty morning
but you don’t say
you don’t mind
you are so kind

TODAY 28.10.18
October 28, 2018

the Sun smiled
for a while
then disappeared
now grey sky here
again and again
with cold rain

TODAY 27.10.18
October 27, 2018

rainy Saturday
a bit busy
a bit lazy
somewhat boring
somewhat pleasing

TODAY 26.10.18
October 26, 2018

always warm
no cold storms
frost comes never
flowers live for ever
tender sky
sometimes cry
just shower
happy flowers
not here

TODAY 25.10.18
October 25, 2018

dreaming today
of far off May
and new travels
it’s magic to unravel
fantastic destinations
countries and nations
let’s say
discover Japan one day
or to see again Salzburg
Vienna and Gothenburg,
Brno and Watford
London, Oxford,
Turku,Dresden, Kaunas,
Eger and Cracow alas
dreams too sweet
and impossible to meet

TODAY 24.10.18
October 24, 2018

you haven’t seen Switzerland
and Holland
Portugal waiting for you
and Catalonia too
Italy waving
Romania smiling
Bulgaria worth to see
Balkan countries for you and me
Norway and Iceland
Malta and Ireland
are dream countries for you
and me too

TODAY 23.10.18
October 23, 2018

now you see
you should trust me
much more
than before
I am so admirable
and reliable

TODAY 22.10.18
October 22, 2018

you haven’t been in Stockholm
but seen the rocks of Bornholm
many years ago you saw
the wonders of Warsaw
London was welcome
Edinburgh handsome
Brussels was OK
Luxembourg – great days
Prague and Budapest
and all the rest
travelling is wonderful
pleasant and useful

TODAY 21.10.18
October 21, 2018

calm holiday
blessed Sunday
fog cover
all over
on everything
this morning

TODAY 20.10.18
October 20, 2018

something is lost
thanks to the first frost
the song says
the autumn tune
means the spring comes soon

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