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TODAY 22.2.19
February 22, 2019


thank you for being

and loving

I cannot but adore you

thank you



TODAY 21.2.19
February 21, 2019

dragon red face
used to chase
flower fairies
in the prairies
on his daily run
just for fun
and left the stage
for a zoo cage

TODAY 20.2.19
February 20, 2019


hi lucky you
I am lucky too
a little lucky one
enjoying the Sun
and everything
what life could bring

TODAY 19.2.19
February 19, 2019

red lighted candle

sweet embraces
happy faces
come and go
blur and flow
happy faces
flow and go
like a river slow

TODAY 18.2.19
February 18, 2019

man holding ship s wheel

a captain with no crew
is sailing to you
across seas rough
having courage enough
what about you?
are you brave enough too?

TODAY 17.2.19
February 17, 2019



beautiful boat daylight foggy

sweet sweet dreams
about magic seas
and singing fountains
by blue mountains

TODAY 16.2.19
February 16, 2019


happy birthday

Lithuania today

all the best to you

and everything you do

TODAY 15.2.19
February 15, 2019

brown ganesha figurine

Photo by Artem Bali on

oriental beliefs

promising relief

manage to find

European minds

TODAY 14.2.19
February 14, 2019

on Valentine’s day
February half-way
still dark mornings
but lighter evenings
it’s quite OK and fine
even with no sunshine

TODAY 13.2.19
February 14, 2019

your special way
to start the day:
every morning
making it bright
painting more light
low and high
on the new sky

TODAY 12.2.19
February 12, 2019


strange songs

harshly say

you don’t belong

just move away

to yours

don’t miss the doors

you cannot stay

just move away

TODAY 11.2.19
February 11, 2019

times go

fast or slow

changes take place

on your face

TODAY 10.2.19
February 10, 2019

LONDON 26.12.12 RAIN

remember again and again

London Christmas in rain

Oxford street with shops

Waterstones my best my top

good luck to you welcome city

be always as nice and pretty

TODAY 9.2.19
February 9, 2019

1.2.19. A..jpg

away from crowds

noisy and loud

happy in my gratitude

for the blessed solitude

as snow sighs

sadly twice

before sliding

this morning

down roof slowly

and so neatly

TODAY 8.2.19
February 8, 2019

the past events

slowly unbend

and then just die

before your eyes

burning away

from today

TODAY 7.2.19
February 7, 2019

100 Amazing Mixed Wallpapers 117 (2)


what can I do

about you

to stop me thinking

to start forgetting

what could I do

to get through?



TODAY 6.2.19
February 6, 2019


shorter nights

more light

nice evenings

hopeful mornings



TODAY 5.2.19
February 5, 2019

if you didn’t go away
if only you could stay
the fire would burn brighter
the clouds would glitter whiter
and the sky for us two
would always be blue

TODAY 4.2.19
February 4, 2019

Caught myself today
and also another day
that I love winter
well, not like summer
but anyway
really love, I say

TODAY 3.2.19
February 3, 2019

no use

of news

read by robots

a brainless lot

salvini gets faded

and degraded

to interior minister

funny or sinister?

TODAY 2.2.19
February 2, 2019

unexpectedly came

glory and fame

sweet names

in golden frames

life once hopeless

and worthless

became miraculous

and careless

TODAY 1.2.19
February 1, 2019


to find someone

to see and meet

to follow the Sun

and never retreat

TODAY 31.1.19
January 31, 2019

January the day last
turning into the past
thanks January for your snow-storms
and being quite warm
for wintry days white
clean and bright

TODAY 30.1.19
January 30, 2019

warm mornings
sunny evenings
still far away
but are coming anyway

TODAY 29.1.19
January 29, 2019


you never know
why life is slow
or hectic and fast
reluctant to last
like a stone
or cast
to the past

TODAY 28.1.19
January 28, 2019

silly clowns

grin and frown

and pretend

and that’s the end






TODAY 27.1.19
January 28, 2019


because of you
love was true
because of you
days were new
because of you
we got through
because of you
life had spice too

TODAY 26.1.19
January 26, 2019

mild tears

like spears

tearing you heart


TODAY 25.1.19
January 26, 2019

white black grey
is the day
bleak winter scene
to be seen
even the very sea
dissapointed me

TODAY 24.1.19
January 24, 2019

life is a long chain
of pleasure and pain
expecting the best
ignoring the rest?
or impossible?

TODAY 23.1.19
January 23, 2019

just arranged
some change
let us see
what will be
variety – the spice
of our life

TODAY 22.1.19
January 22, 2019

listen gloomies
don’t come to me
I love most of the colours
and prefer pleasant odours
black and white are OK
for me today
listen gloomies
don’t come to me

TODAY 21.1.19
January 21, 2019

yes you are
either close or far
here or there
in a crowd or at the sea
yet together with me

TODAY 20.1.19
January 20, 2019

days get longer
light grows stronger
yet mornings still asleep
the snow quite deep
arctic frost coming
cruel and threatening

TODAY 19.1.19
January 19, 2019

you could not stay
so went away
i will follow you
to the place new

TODAY 18.1.19
January 18, 2019

sweet dreams
made of blue air
really seem
to fight despair

TODAY 17.1.19
January 17, 2019

the shadow of shade
is going to fade
but you fly
in the blue sky
and pray
for a good day

January 16, 2019


Papuas I remember that day

very clearly today

You came home with this painting

happily smiling

your friend gave it to you

but today

is Your Birthday..

TODAY 15.1.19
January 15, 2019

sinister warning
of global warming
to die of thirst?
during heat bursts
will our graves
be spared and saved?

TODAY 14.1.19
January 14, 2019


busy and gay

is the day

snow and ice

seem quite nice

TODAY 13.1.19
January 14, 2019


pensive mood

sometimes is good

for thoughts to come

great and awesome

pensive mood

is really good

TODAY 12.1.19
January 12, 2019

you are crying
this morning
but why
why do you cry
tell me please
release yourself release

TODAY 11.1.19
January 11, 2019

two lonely hearts
living apart
sometimes meeting
in the mornings
then going away
their own ways

TODAY 10.1.19
January 10, 2019

I love you every season
for numerous reasons
I see you smiling
every morning
I think of you every day
especially today

TODAY 9.1.19
January 9, 2019

8.1.19. a.

snow frost winter

greyscale tint

TODAY 8.1.19
January 8, 2019

winter tale
never fails
to be attractive
magic and active

TODAY 7.1.19
January 7, 2019

take look and glance
don’t miss your chance
yet be careful
think beautiful

TODAY 6.1.19
January 6, 2019

hibernating january
a bit shorter february
long way indeed
for my flower seeds
to get a good start
and growing smart

TODAY 5.1.19
January 5, 2019

winter for good here
but you are over there
in your fairyland
both common and grand
every morning
answer flower greetings

TODAY 4.1.19
January 4, 2019


you with your heart

are ready for brand new start

the year is new

and so are you

good luck

don’t stuck



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