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TODAY 18.10.17
October 18, 2017

only happiness
no hopelessness
it is what I pray
and try to spell
what my chestnut can tell


TODAY 17.10.17
October 17, 2017

warm no rain
but no sunny here
maybe in Spain
maybe sunny there
but my dahlia smiling
though hiding
expecting another shower
attacking flowers

TODAY 16.10.17
October 16, 2017

a nasty day
nothing more to say 😦

TODAY 15.10.17
October 15, 2017

October Sunday
a blessed day
the Sun shining
the sky smiling
colourful trees
as far as one can see

TODAY 14.10.17
October 14, 2017

so round
and sound
you rested on the ground
and welcoming

TODAY 13.10.17
October 14, 2017

magic bow
high and low

TODAY 12.10.1
October 12, 2017

rain and fog
good for a mystic dog
as well for a witch
just for her pitch
so dim and gray
nothing more to say

TODAY 11.10.17
October 11, 2017

love or hate
if it isn’t too late
decide quickly
think briskly
dialogue and humanity
or cruel barbarity

TODAY 10.10.17
October 10, 2017

looking fragile and mild
though preferring to grow wild
proud, aloof and alone
independent to the bone
yes, such life is scary
but it’s worth to dare

TODAY 9.10.17
October 9, 2017

a bit rainy
a bit sunny
autumn makes fun
with clouds and the sun
the sky rich and charming
colours and shades changing

TODAY 8.10.17
October 8, 2017

you are old
your feet are cold
life’s fire
seems expired
but your heart
going to restart

TODAY 7.10.17
October 7, 2017

old friends are best
no need them to test
always true and reliable
nice and for ever amiable
books and a flower garden
only can stand beside them

TODAY 6.10.17
October 6, 2017

another autumn day
calmly passing away
as the world is turning mad
sad as it is, really sad
thanks God, malice doesn’t last
and remains in the past

TODAY 5.10.17
October 5, 2017

little things
talk and sing
on their history
and little stories
a bit sad
but not so bad

TODAY 4.10.17
October 4, 2017

black clouds hovering low
over green meadows
and colourful trees
as far as you can see
summer is ready to depart
cold season can start

TODAY 3.10.17
October 3, 2017

a calm red leaf
touched by grief
a sad day again
with cold rain
ah, as always
om a gray autumn day

TODAY 2.10.17
October 2, 2017

bit of travelling
some business
nice meeting
with touch of happiness
some news
strange but true

TODAY 1.10.17
October 1, 2017

Magda Trott
tells a lot
about ancient earls
mystic rings and pearls
but love wins at last
even the cruel past

TODAY 30.9.17
September 30, 2017

we are two
me and you
mates and friends
to love and defend
one another
daughter and mother

TODAY 29.9.17
September 29, 2017

summer returned 🙂
about midday
this Friday

TODAY 28.9.17
September 28, 2017

Arctic breath
like a hiss of death
bringing real cold
but my soldiers stand bold
meeting their cruel fate
by the winter gates

TODAY 27.9.17
September 27, 2017

autumn depression
starts its session
landscape seems drowsy
maybe comfortable and cosy
you never know
feeling yourself low

TODAY 26.9.17
September 26, 2017

the end of September
but I don’t remember
if I can manage
if frost isn’t to damage
my hopes and dreams
not clever of me, so it seems

TODAY 25.9.17
September 25, 2017

summer kisses
were so missed
but late September
kindly remembered
to offer sweet sunshine
and that’s really fine

TODAY 24.9.17
September 24, 2017

a golden day
cranes flying
loudly crying
saying good-bye
to our blue sky

TODAY 23.9.17
September 23, 2017

life isn’t over yet
you still can win and get
something really good
you can you could
the weather is fine
no use to whine

TODAY 22.9.17
September 22, 2017

lovely and light
nice and bright
meeting the Friday
quite happy today
no raining –
and that’s a good thing

TODAY 21.9.17
September 21, 2017

unhappy in your jail
no news and no mail
life seems to be over
love has lost its power
no chance to mend
or repair: the END

HOPE 20.9.17
September 20, 2017

hope dies last
but before it your past
memories and dears
who used to be so close and near
what about your heart
will you have a new start?

TODAY 20.9.17
September 20, 2017

a nice day
you would say
at least the morning
when Sun was smiling
later clouds covered the sky
so long, dear Sun, good-bye

TODAY 19.9.17
September 19, 2017

a short break
some breath to take
autumn is knocking shard
at gardens and yards
rain is a frequent guest
and wind does the rest

TODAY 18.9.17
September 18, 2017

rain unending
and threatening
and wiping away
the summer days

TODAY 17.9.1
September 17, 2017

what a meeting
though a bit fleeting
just hello and greetings
on a dim gray hour:
bumblebee and flower
between autumn showers

TODAY 16.9.17
September 16, 2017

Ave Sol!
nice stroll
around my paradise
everything so nice
flowers smiling
and bees singing

TODAY 15.9.17
September 15, 2017

boring rain
like some drilling pain
grayness settled everywhere
hopelessness arrived here
though my darling does resist
with the colours trying to persist

TODAY 14.9.17
September 14, 2017

hectic day
in a haste
no time to waste
and gardening

TODAY 13.9.17
September 14, 2017

orange golden yellow
deep and mellow
autumn colours burning
as the time wheel is turning
Nature smiling wisely
treating stupid humans nicely

TODAY 12.9.17
September 12, 2017

foggy and dim
to the very rim
a sad day
completely gray
the Sun appeared
and shyly disappeared

TODAY 11.9.17
September 11, 2017

listen, you
we are two
winter is long
but we are strong
summer will arrive
and we’ll survive

TODAY 10.9.17
September 10, 2017

a calm day
the time seems slow
the sky hanging low
as if reflecting
as if expecting

TODAY 9.9.17
September 9, 2017

I was quite mad
and immensely sad
no Sun again
and too much rain
I didn’t know what to do
what about you?
well, it’s worth to complain
the Sun started to fight the rain

TODAY 8.9.17
September 8, 2017

I met a good day
on my way
a bit warning
a bit charming
smiling: not tartly
but quite politely

TODAY 7.9.17
September 7, 2017

fancy hotel?
no, dirty motel
no, sadist
no, wilful

TODAY 6.9.17
September 6, 2017

autumn colours
season’s favours
as happy days
slide away
the Sun hiding
a bit saddening

TODAY 5.9.17
September 5, 2017

the world still colourful
and nature so plentiful
but storks are away
and I start to pray
for the next spring
and what it will bring

TODAY 4.9.17
September 4, 2017

a real storm
breaking my flowers
though quite warm
with soothing showers
a lot of walking
and some shopping

TODAY 3.9.17
September 3, 2017

not too warm
after rainy storm
a bit sad tale
as grey mood prevails
as every year as always
expecting dim grim days

TODAY 2.917.
September 2, 2017

locked in the ring
as rain’s splashing
trying to enjoy life
blowing your fancy fife
playing and dreaming
dancing and singing

TODAY 1.9.17
September 1, 2017

September came
another card of Game
seems quite peaceful
a bit rueful
sky is changing
clouds rearranging

TODAY 31.8.17
August 31, 2017

summer is going to expire
but you’re burning like fire
radiating like miracle
in spite of all obstacles:
live until the very end
die but never bend!

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