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TODAY 18.12.17
December 18, 2017

hi my star the blue
thank you
I can clearly see
there’s hope for me


TODAY 17.12.17
December 17, 2017

memories so sweet
to love and treat
childhood’s decembers
worth to remember
gifts and Santa Claus
why? because…
those days fading away
listen what I say

TODAY 16.12.17
December 16, 2017

happy days
when Christmas cards
arrive these days
so lovely and smart

TODAY 15.12.17
December 15, 2017

last night
the world turned white
only some days to wait
for holy Christmas night

TODAY 14.12.17
December 14, 2017

December sun
giving some fun
to compensate short days
sometimes (and today)
Christmas stars
shining not so afar

TODAY 13.12.17
December 14, 2017

dark grey Universe
tuning grim verse
the Sun just missing
and thoughts flying
on such a day
to April and May

TODAY 12.12.17
December 12, 2017

lowered had
calmly sad
hoping for best
happiness and rest
be strong my dear
I am still here

TODAY 11.12.17
December 11, 2017

black and grey
no blue sky
is it time to die?
everything hopeless
and useless

TODAY 10.12.17
December 10, 2017

couple of weeks away
from Christmas today
hopeful time
like springtime

TODAY 9.12.17
December 9, 2017

December nine
quite fine
only a bit dark here
Sun gone somewhere

TODAY 8.12.17
December 8, 2017

dark again
cold rain
but fire sparks gaily
warming me daily

TODAY 7.12.17
December 7, 2017

my today
still in yesterday
scattered night
by Christmas lights
silver blue and white
magic yesterday
penetrates this day

TODAY 6.12.17
December 7, 2017

this morning
and admiring
fairy sky passing
shades changing

TODAY 5.12.17
December 5, 2017

winter tale
not for sale
just for eyes
to enjoy and sigh
being witness
to beauty and brightness

TODAY 4.12.17
December 4, 2017

this is no trap
just a snow cap
my dear friend keep warm
and survive all storms

TODAY 3.12.17
December 3, 2017

your guilt
like milk spilt
neither to snatch
nor catch
and unhealing

TODAY 2.12.17
December 2, 2017

what is better
skype talking
or brisk walking?
maybe snail letter?
what is best
to act or sit in rest?

TODAY 1.12.17
December 1, 2017

bye-bye November
hello December
winter comes slowly
and carefully
on snowy but dark day

TODAY 30.11.17
November 30, 2017

November says farewell
without jingling bells
a grey senseless day
again today
enjoying fire comfortably
it’s so clean and reliable

TODAY 29.11.17
November 29, 2017

a bit of snow
with magic glow
spots glittering
not really covering
the grass and leaves
reminding a shy thief

TODAY 28.11.17
November 28, 2017

the November day
seems so bleak
also today
though it’s unique
with ice paintings
and wintry feeling

TODAY 27.11.17
November 27, 2017

and sorrowful
but beautiful

TODAY 26.11.17
November 26, 2017

my home is my castle
my present and the past
my stronghold and fortress
indeed more or less
my only sacred harbour
my truest friend and saviour

TODAY 25.11.17
November 25, 2017

out of the boat
to be drowned
weak hope still floating
though ex-pals just frowning
no helpful hand
no good-byes
no safe land
alas you must die
well some fire
can help in despair

TODAY 24.11.17
November 24, 2017

ready to travel
to solve and unravel
all hardships
by a feasible trip
return to Dreamland
always so solid and grand

TODAY 23.11.17
November 23, 2017

in a sack
alone damned
despised abandoned
a complete loser
and outsider

TODAY 22.11.17
November 22, 2017

nice walk
good talk
this day
seems to be OK
feeling hopeful
and grateful

TODAY 21.11.17
November 21, 2017

no money
you don’t care
just dare
to whistle and sing
and buy things

TODAY 20.11.17
November 20, 2017

What a surprise!
Aren’t they nice?
Unexpected harvest today
Made a wonderful day.
Thanks to my little paradise
For the great surprise.

TODAY 19.11.17
November 19, 2017

tongues of fire rage
on their stage
drowsy Sunday
came today
closing another gate and page
of your book or cage

TODAY 18.11.17
November 18, 2017

let’s find our old fancy skates
it’s high time not too late
let’s enjoy this day
like the sweet yesterday
dreams might come true
for us all and you too

TODAY 17.11.17
November 17, 2017

grey morning rain
on the long run
no Sun
yet by evening
the sky’s clearing
a calm crowd
of fantastic clouds
slowly sailing

TODAY 15.11.17
November 15, 2017

calmly dying on the ground
silently no sound
so beautiful some days ago
why did Fate treat her so?
well, nobody knows the end
and Fate’s unpredictable bends
and how it treats us
nobody alas!

TODAY 14.11.17
November 14, 2017

what a fun
November sun
clear sky
ah dear ah my
so good for me
let it be

TODAY 13.11.17
November 14, 2017

November thirteen
rainy but keen
broken trees
turbulent seas
resigned minds
trying to find
a kind of happiness
in restfulness

TODAY 12.11.7
November 12, 2017

what a strange day
dark and blue
bit golden too
just now a good tea
is best for me

TODAY 11.11.17
November 11, 2017

another day coming
with a blessed morning
November days and nights
declare their rights
raining away
not wishing to stay

TODAY 10.11.17
November 10, 2017

life is not gone
it still goes on
another day
passing away
but life goes on
it isn’t gone

TODAY 9.11.17
November 9, 2017

to be or not to be
ignore or to see
be honest or be sly
live or die
be black or be white
be wrong or be right?

TODAY 8.11.17
November 8, 2017

the sky is so dark
but you hear a lark
singing in the trees
and buzzing of bees
alas! summer is far away
from this November day

TODAY 7.11.17
November 7, 2017

solid and helpful
reliable and useful
is spite of dark moods
calmly you stood
what is coming?

TODAY 6.11.17
November 6, 2017

to get some luck
just wish it and pluck
first whistle a bit
then just sit
soon comes your luck
just take it just pluck

TODAY 5.11.17
November 5, 2017

the wall has reasons enough
to frown and laugh
at human deeds
ah yes indeed:
humans are weak and helpless
their deeds mostly useless
so injustice rules
with dirty tools

TODAY 4.11.17
November 4, 2017

you are so proud
avoiding crowds
proud and powerful
strong but careful
to select friends
and modern trends

TODAY 3.11.17
November 3, 2017

time of hibernation
at my station
summers are so short
at our northern port
doomed for darkness
and long coldness

TODAY 2.11.17
November 2, 2017

snow or frost
you are not lost
thank you darling
for fighting
being invincible
and incredible

TODAY 1.11.17
November 1, 2017

with dirty pale paint
on All Saints
haughty dame
Winter came
yet sky is too gray
to offer a nice day

TODAY 31.10.17
October 31, 2017

sunny Tuesday
like in May
yet no warm
yet no hopeless

TODAY 30.10.17
October 30, 2017

no sun again
and no rain
hello to everyone
from the little flower-sun

TODAY 29.10.17
October 29, 2017

autumn is gray
and dim today
but not me
I’m special you see
I’m an exotic princess
so happy and priceless

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