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TODAY 23.9.19
September 23, 2019



23.9.19d surv frost.jpg

survived the first frost


TODAY 22.9.19
September 22, 2019


no idea what to do
without you
how to survive darkness
and hopelessness
the gloomy season is too long
and it’s so hard to be strong
I don’t know what to do
alone without you

TODAY 21.9.19
September 21, 2019

21.9 .19c.

out of doors

no summer any more

good reason

to love every reason

what else can we do?

happy day to you!

TODAY 20.9.19
September 20, 2019

20.9.19. Ap

nights and days grow colder

as autumn seems bolder

I cannot help you

nothing can I do

life has its own rules

for us, the poor fools

TODAY 19.9.19
September 19, 2019


cold morning and day

seems happy anyway

most beautiful before frosts

what it might cost?

thank you darlings

for a charming morning

TODAY 18.9.19
September 18, 2019

two nice fellows

orange and yellow

keep together

like two feathers

TODAY 17.9.19
September 17, 2019

17.9.19 ap sus vrda d

the day to remember
by dead embers
maybe warming
on cold morning

TODAY 16.9.19
September 16, 2019


windy and restless

arrived this morning

scary a bit hopeless

be strong my darlings

TODAY 15.9.19
September 15, 2019


I’m your destiny

so love me, love me

I am your darling

every morning

every night and day

please love me today

TODAY 14.9.19
September 14, 2019

14.9.19kab un kk

windy morning

clear and sunny

later rainy storming

a bit funny

but don’t worry

don’t be sorry

Nature knows what to do

for me and for you

TODAY 13.9.19
September 14, 2019



crazy black Friday
crept today:
filled the morning

BEFORE 12.9.19
September 12, 2019


before open a page

before acting on stage

some reflections

some corrections

a bit attention

lots of concentration


TODAY 12.9.19
September 12, 2019


a bit crazy Monday
arrived today
some news
of no use
no real actions
just distraction

TODAY 11.9.19
September 11, 2019



I wish I knew
what should I do
just keeping cool
like a dumb fool
to avoid pain
and extra strain
or trying to do
something for you

TODAY 10.9.19
September 10, 2019


a happy late summer day

blooming out today


TODAY 9.9.19
September 9, 2019

9.9.19g1 aplauzta.jpg

again somebody destroying

my gailardia this morning

sadistic creature indeed

crazy on nasty deeds

might be a cat

a bad brat

whose pleadings I ignored

some weeks before

now watching me from distance

declaring its existence



TODAY 8.9.19
September 8, 2019


you might look pale

but you didn’t fail

to greet the world today

to say your word, to say

thank you darling

for the nice morning

TODAY 7.9.19
September 7, 2019

7.9.19ug pl

let’s start
to share our harts
or maybe it’s time to part
tell me please
and don’t tease
give me release

TODAY 6.9.19
September 6, 2019


6.9.19pa atv vrtl11.26.jpg

grey morning
grey-scale day
somehow depressing
seems this day

TODAY 5.9.19
September 5, 2019

5.9.19. Ap

flying far away

far and high today

to a fairy kingdom

and goodness and wisdom

yet coming back soon

sometime around the noon

TODAY 4.9.19
September 4, 2019


summer colours still prevail

both bright and pale

yet September grows older

and autumn becomes bolder

TODAY 3.9.19
September 3, 2019

3.9.19 dekk.

time of harvest

true and honest

rich and plentiful

a bit sad but beautiful



TODAY 2.9.19
September 2, 2019

2.9.19. Ap v

IĀ  miss you

more than I can say

you were so good and true

I miss you every day…

TODAY 1.9.19
September 1, 2019


another nice day

came today

quite beautiful

and peaceful

TODAY 31.8.19
August 31, 2019

31.5.19. Ap

to be blessed

is happiness

I must confess,

and tenderness

TODAY 30.8.19
August 30, 2019


summer colours

full of valours

vivid lovely and nice

bringing joy to human eyes

TODAY 29.8.19
August 29, 2019


a good many sunrises

bring nice surprises

also today

was a special day


TODAY 28.8.19
August 28, 2019


what a lovely scene

so gold and green

painted by masterful hand

decoratingĀ  summer land


TODAY 27.8.19
August 27, 2019


aren’t you UFO?

ah no, no, no

I belong to Earth

from the very birth


TODAY 26.8.19
August 26, 2019


morning a bit sad

but not bad

quite fruitful

and hopeful

TODAY 25.8.19
August 25, 2019


listening to the story

of my blue glory:

every and each night

waiting for morning bright

hoping for a good day

like this one, today

TODAY 24.8.19
August 24, 2019


life is just a game

misery or fame

life is just a play

day by day




TODAY 23.8.19
August 23, 2019


sensing your emotions

and faithful devotion

and would like to share

my thankful care

on early autumn day


TODAY 22.8.19
August 22, 2019


jungle freedom

nonsense or wisdom?


TODAY 21.8.19
August 21, 2019


a rainy and gray

day came today


TODAY 20.8.19
August 20, 2019


summer music playing
this morning
for you for you
how do you do
life is beautiful
and plentiful

TODAY 19.8.19
August 20, 2019

19.8.19. RA


Monday,listen Monday
you are better than Sunday
a new beginning
a hopeful morning

TODAY 18.8.19
August 20, 2019




is security
your main priority?
maybe better leave the daily crowd
and fly high – to the very clouds?

TODAY 17.8.19
August 20, 2019

17.8.19 samt

hot weather still hangering
from the very morning

TODAY 16.8.19
August 20, 2019



thank you darling
for the lovely morning
you made a great day
for me today


TODAY 15.8.19
August 20, 2019


so dull today
lost your way
since the very morning
some good news
and then no news

TODAY 14.8.19
August 14, 2019

14.8.19ap 4.z

don’t worry don’t fret

summer is not gone yet

a couple of weeks left to enjoy

don’t wast them – ahoj!




TODAY 13.8.19
August 14, 2019

13.8.19 roze.jpg

why summers are short and hasty

but winters cold and nasty?

why colourful days

always go away?


TODAY 12.8.19
August 12, 2019


my old days

returned today

with dahlias white

a bit shaded but bright

thank you for being faithful

making me happy and thankful


TODAY 11.8.19
August 11, 2019


another summer day

to enjoy and play

yet mornings are drowsier

and evenings are earlier

TODAY 10.8.19
August 10, 2019

10.8.19 ap

last day of summer, so DR says

hope not, maybe last but one

at least not today, not today

we are longing for more sun


TODAY 9.8.19
August 9, 2019


a bit tired but still beautiful

maybe sad or thoughtful




TODAY 8.8.19
August 8, 2019

8.8.19 dek kk.jpg

so adventurous

and inventurous

special jungle felling

this morning

TODAY 7.8.19
August 7, 2019

7.8.19. A p

like in old days

also today

your smile is charming

so lovely and promising

TODAY 6.8.19
August 6, 2019


again meeting

this morning

the green dame

what’s your name?

you never say a word

at least I haven’t heard

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