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TODAY 27.6.17
June 27, 2017

how do you do
I’m OK
and how are you
on this lovely day?
Not too good:
I was misunderstood

TODAY 26.6.17
June 26, 2017

the sun and rain
don’t work in vain
but the sky and clouds
are quite proud
to change the course
mildly, not by force

TODAY 25.6.17
June 25, 2017

It’s so good to meet
a summertime sweet
to enjoy its kingdom
calmness and freedom
and wonderful treasures.
What a pleasure!

TODAY 24.6.17
June 24, 2017

no aftermath
calm is my path
survived yesterday
to meet this day
by a normal race
happy is my pace

TODAY 23.6.17
June 23, 2017

last week of June
offering lovely noon
the blue sky
seems so high
and summer scene
so calm and serene

TODAY 22.6.17
June 22, 2017

summer colours
are a great favour
today the red prevails
but no other fails
summer colours
are a great favour

TODAY 21.6.17
June 21, 2017

telephone ringing
nice talking
Danes singing

TODAY 20.6.17
June 20, 2017

refreshing rain
then sun again
lovely days
fit for holidays
our dear summer
is close to midsummer

TODAY 19.6.17
June 19, 2017

summer in a full swing
stretching her colourful wings
majestic and green
a beautiful queen
with high sky and clouds
both natural and proud

TODAY 18.6.17
June 18, 2017

midsummer day is close
I am not a rose
but enjoy great season
losing my reason
smiling happily
and thankfully

TODAY 17.6.17
June 17, 2017

sunny Saturday
what a lovely day
happy seems everyone
thankful to the Sun

TODAY 16.6.17
June 16, 2017

I love you a lot
love me for ever
I will leave you never

June 15, 2017

bathing in the sunlight
enjoying warmer nights
so beautiful
so graceful
and thankful

TODAY 14.6.17
June 14, 2017

it’s quite cold
but my darling is bold
the wind blows
my darling doesn’t bow
the summer’s still here
be brave, my dears

TODAY 13.6.17
June 14, 2017

the Sun comes
and the rain
the world becomes
green again
and slowly unfolds
the summer gold

TODAY 12.6.17
June 12, 2017

the berries
seem merry
and whispering
do you hear?
harvest is near

TODAY 11.6.17
June 11, 2017

calm afternoon
nice meeting
so refreshing
lovely tunes
real things matter
no snobbery, no flatter

TODAY 10.6.17
June 10, 2017

I met you on my route
fragrant and cute
lovely and white
pretty as the very light

TODAY 9.6.17
June 9, 2017

déjà vu once again and more
something felt before
many years ago
comes calmly and slow
colours and shades
though a bit faded

TODAY 8.6.17
June 8, 2017

the world nearly silent
at my lovely island
fresh greenness
wrapped in happiness
raindrops shining
birds twittering

TODAY 7.6.17
June 7, 2017

happy days
winter’s far away
smiling colours and shades
lovely forms and shapes
sweet summertime
young, in its prime

TODAY 6.6.17
June 6, 2017

summertime quite lazy
yet nicely amazing
it’s warm at last
the sky blue and vast
dandelions get aged
going to leave the stage

TODAY 5.6.17
June 5, 2017

accidents happen
and that saddens
some kind of déjà vu
nothing to do

TODAY 4.6.17
June 4, 2017

African heat somewhere
Arctic summer here
warm seasons too short
and a bit distorted

TODAY 3.6.17
June 3, 2017

both yesterday
and today
windy and cold
frost foretold
by somebody somewhere
missed here
thanks to sweet Mary
God and faeries
thanks to angels and my Saint
confess: my heart was faint

and my Saint

TODAY 2.6.17
June 2, 2017

you did survive
now so green and alive
strong and powerful
stoic and beautiful

TODAY 1.6.17
June 1, 2017

again on wheels
to seal a good deal
a friend in need
is a friend indeed
the first day of June
has a good tune

TODAY 31.5.17
May 31, 2017

not retired
but so tired
enough enough
everything is enough

TODAY 30.5.17
May 30, 2017

my little princess
full of happiness
lovely and vivid
brave and timid
quite unexpected
a bit neglected

TODAY 29.5.17
May 29, 2017

alone and helpless
a bit useless
fountain calm and sad
seemingly dead
help please
give water release

TODAY 28.5.17
May 28, 2017

silence has wings
and nice melodies
and it can sing
in your memory

TODAY 27.5.17
May 27, 2017

the world so calm
a genuine balm
troubled minds
can seek and find
happiness and peace
in blue sky and green trees

TODAY 26.5.17
May 26, 2017

illegal holiday
a bit crazy
but amazing
so useful
and cheerful

TODAY 25.5.17
May 25, 2017

lazy bones
click phones
don’t own dogs
sleep like logs
and eat a lot
directly from pans and pots

TODAY 24.5.17
May 24, 2017

horrible fog
autumn breath
as over some bog
as early death
but birds twitter anyway
greeting a new day

TODAY 23.5.17
May 23, 2017

unfair game
ugly and lame
a strange chess
I guess
meanwhile fair race
so-called honest people
hiding deep
in safe places

TODAY 22.5.17
May 22, 2017

Monday today
a fresh green day
not busy
rather lazy
like a holiday
is this Monday

TODAY 21.5.17
May 21, 2017

you love the Sun
you miss some fun
you need both days and nights
you have to fight
but life is tough
and existence is rough

TODAY 20.5.17
May 20, 2017

a hot day
no time to waste
nature in haste
better late than never
reliable forever

TODAY 19.5.17
May 19, 2017

Sun shining
golden girls smiling
hot air shimmers
like in real summer

TODAY 18.5.17
May 18, 2017

mild and lukewarm
as before a storm
so pretty green
is the scene
a most wonderful season
when emotions are stronger than reason

TODAY 17.5.17
May 17, 2017

new or aged
are like people
shallow or deep
active aggressive
calm or passive

TODAY 16.5.17
May 16, 2017

A bit reserved
warmth today
have we deserved
a Nordic May?
But my tulips don’t mind
as usual being kind

TODAY 15.5.17
May 15, 2017

really warm at last
winter is the past
humans look tired
but spring hasn’t retired
and nature’s gifts are plentiful
lovely and beautiful

TODAY 14.5.17
May 14, 2017

good morning
our dear Sun
the crazy winter is done
good morning!

TODAY 13.5.17
May 14, 2017

warmth missed
at last a bliss
on the 13th of May
a most wonderful day
can’t be bought or sold
for any money or gold

TODAY 12.5.17
May 12, 2017

the sky above so blue
looks at you
and everyone
as well as the sun
blooming apple-trees
look at you and me

May 11, 2017

in a train
a new day
in May
either promising
or boring

TODAY 10.5.17
May 10, 2017

what to select:
a distant horizon
or just a comfort zone?
and what to expect:
a great victory
or just a dull misery?

TODAY 9.5.17
May 9, 2017

the little ice age is coming
without any drumming
silent and sly
making flowers to die
letting winter to reign
for ever, to rule and remain

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