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TODAY 4.8.20
August 4, 2020

4.8.20. Mary

the worst thing
is useless waiting
makes difference
to your life
as a sharp knife

TODAY 3.8.20
August 3, 2020

3.8.20 HORT

clean and white

calm and bright


and thoughtful

TODAY 2.8.20
August 2, 2020


the summer sliding away
so it seems to me today
hopefully this is a mistake
and my news are fake

TODAY 1.8.20
August 1, 2020


thinking about you

that’s what I do

dreaming away

my life day by day

TODAY 31.7.20
July 31, 2020


no news no information

only your imagination

fancy and illusions

without any intrusion

would it be OK

on this day?

TODAY 30.7.20
July 30, 2020


it’s quite easy

to be busy


and satsfied


just don’t be lazy

TODAY 29.7.20
July 29, 2020


how do you do

so fond of you

and your delicate colour

beating every valour




TODAY 28.7.20
July 28, 2020


forgive me forgive
give it to me, please, give
forgive my selfishness
egoism and aloofness

TODAY 27.7.20
July 27, 2020


you are faithful
and grateful
for this morning
and for everything

TODAY 26.7.20
July 26, 2020


you are really sweet
though a bit discreet
and your heart
is so smart

TODAY 25.7.20
July 25, 2020


July melting

sleepy mornings

melancholic feeling



TODAY 24.7.20
July 24, 2020

24.7.20kab meadow

two little stars
close or afar
being good mates
share the same fate

TODAY 23.7.20
July 23, 2020

23.7.20.. (1)

unable to deny
my love to fly
yet life is cruel
my plane out of fuel
maybe it’s time to die
and forget about the sky?

TODAY 22.7.20
July 22, 2020

22.7.20g bq

the world of friends

is never going to end

TODAY 21.7.20
July 21, 2020

21.7.20krz v

so calm and warm

after a violent storm

yet so sad:

flowers broken and dead

TODAY 20.7.20
July 20, 2020


what a messy Monday

happened today

yet I still want to fly

among the clouds in the sky

TODAY 19.7.20
July 19, 2020


love me love me
can’t you see
I am best of all
neither stout nor tall
seriously no other way
earnestly no play

TODAY 18.7.20
July 18, 2020


even if strong

you might be wrong

life is not so plain

it’s a difficult chain

with ups and downs

like a scary playground

TODAY 17.7.20
July 17, 2020


where have you been

my lovely queen

last night

so pretty and bright?

TODAY 16.7.20☀️☀️☀️
July 16, 2020


hello my dears

summer still here

sunny and hot

smiling a lot

TODAY 15.7.20
July 15, 2020


how to get  through

and be again with you

enjoy life again

be it shine or rain?

TODAY 14.7.20
July 14, 2020


damn all satanists

and antichrists

garlic harvest

is quite earnest

to fight  devils

and their evils

TODAY 13.7.20
July 13, 2020


you are too kind
never dumb never blind
your lovely eyes
are stars in the sky
your green trees
are talking to me

TODAY 12.7.20
July 12, 2020


is this new

for you?

you’re my darling

you’re my everything

Well, I always knew:

 it’s really true

TODAY 11.7.20
July 11, 2020


nature is a lovely song

and I want to it belong

avoiding noisy crowds

just looking at the sky and clouds

TODAY 10.7.20
July 10, 2020


rain rain


I don’t mind:

Nature is kind

giving showers

to my dear flowers

TODAY 9.7.20
July 9, 2020


so close so near

to you my dear

my dear my only one

my Moon and my Sun

TODAY 8.7.20
July 8, 2020


it’s so good to be with you

to talk on weather and the news

discuss what’s good and what’s wrong

 listening to summer tunes and songs

TODAY 7.7.20
July 7, 2020


happy to fly

across July

enjoying Nordic summer days

like yesterday and today

TODAY 6.7.20
July 6, 2020


season at its prime

bringing harvest time

TODAY 5.7.20
July 5, 2020


if only you

were sincere and true

I would give my heart away

to you just now just today

TODAY 4.7.20
July 4, 2020


autumn feeling

this morning

spider webs floating

no birds singing

TODAY 3.7.20
July 3, 2020


no walking in the street

just somebody to meet

my world is here

among my dears

you are my soulmates

you are my very Fate

TODAY 2.7.20
July 2, 2020


sunny morning

flowers smiling

how do you do

all the best to you

TODAY 1.7.20
July 1, 2020

1.7.20nn v


this morning

on summer

in its prime



TODAY 30.6.20
June 30, 2020


it’s so good

by your neighbourhood

and enjoy every day

like today

TODAY 29.6.20
June 29, 2020


praying for rain
it seems in vain
God help my flowers
send a good shower
thank You

TODAY 28.6.20
June 28, 2020


good morning

everybody and everything

have a  lovely day

on your way

TODAY 27.6.20
June 27, 2020



and  trustful

no complaining

meeting the morning

TODAY 26.6.20
June 26, 2020

26.6.20. A roses

be bold and brave

survive the heat wave

mild summer is on its way

wait a bit, it comes one day

TODAY 25.6.20
June 25, 2020

25.6.20love it

nicely arranged hay

made my day


TODAY 24.6.20
June 24, 2020

24.6.20tup ar m

another day

flying away

slow down fellow

I am unable to follow

TODAY 23.6.20
June 23, 2020


life is  colourful

so rich and plentiful

feeling thankful

and grateful

TODAY 22.6.20
June 22, 2020


hello everyone

hello the Sun

let us be beautiful

and hopeful

TODAY 21.6.20
June 21, 2020



and slow?

no, romantic

and full of glow


TODAY 20.6.20
June 20, 2020


unable to ignore

only to adore

my wonderful paradise

wouldn’t sell it for any price

our relations

is a true vacation

TODAY 19.6.20
June 19, 2020

19.6.20n burv

human history

full with mysteries

 just keep a happy face

at your lovely place

TODAY 18.6.20
June 18, 2020


it’s darned hot today

a real summer day




TODAY 17.6.20
June 17, 2020


cleaning nasty stories

from my memories

getting rid of cowards

as past seems absurd

bye-bye the old days

don’t shade my sweet today



TODAY 16.6.20
June 16, 2020


good morning

my pink darling

thanks for coming

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