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LOVE MUSIC 7.12.17
December 7, 2017

music my love
my tender dove
knowing like I feel
always with me
thank you
music I LOVE YOU


SO LONG 30.11.17
November 30, 2017

bye-bye darling
don’t write don’t ring
so long my dear
I am free I swear
new life calling
new way sparkling

ONCE 23.11.17
November 23, 2017

the bygone days are sweet
it was nice to meet
and love and be loved
to be helpful and needed

November 16, 2017

adventure is on its way
it may happen today
just keep your mind alert
and don’t miss the offer
adventure is very close
under your very nose

YES OR NO 9.11.17
November 9, 2017


YOUR WAY 2.11.17
November 2, 2017

it’s a lovely day
you are on your way
to the school
with your friend: cool

LET IT BE 26.10.17
October 26, 2017

you will fly over seas
let it be let it be
you are happy you are free
let it be let it be

YOU ARE LOVED 19.10.17
October 19, 2017

no worry
no sorry
somebody loves you
really that’s true

October 12, 2017

your essence
is indifference
a small light
at dark night
won’t help

DECISION 5.10.17
October 5, 2017

commit a suicide
easy to decide
harder to realize
you aren’t his size
you can’t satisfy his whim:
you aren’t tall and slim

MINE 28.9.17
September 28, 2017

the land belongs to me
can’t you see?
it’s mine
you’ll have to pay the fine
so better go away
listen what I say

HOPE 20.9.17
September 20, 2017

hope dies last
but before it your past
memories and dears
who used to be so close and near
what about your heart
will you have a new start?

ON YOUR WAY 14.9.17
September 14, 2017

on your way
wishing to get away
and meet a better day

September 7, 2017

you are a little Tom bear
overwhelmed by despair and fear
waiting for something good
neither drinks nor food
but true friendship
and comradeship

August 31, 2017

the worst of all dreams
worst than might seem
a most horrible nightmare
just look and stare
at the last book store:
books aren’t needed any more

YOUR FATE 24.8.17
August 24, 2017

your fate
is never late
your fate is cruel
and never out of fuel
what you have done
can’t be undone

NB 17.8.17
August 17, 2017

be careful
and trustful
better dance or walk
than chat or talk

LOST 10.8.17
August 10, 2017

lost spectacles
in extreme obstacles
lost yourself too….
where are you?
maybe just running away
from a nasty day?

August 3, 2017

like a flower
after a summer shower
turning to the Sun
unable to run
feeling temptation
apt to elevation

ADDICTED 27.7.17
July 27, 2017

addicted to you
calling you
loving you
caring for you

… 20.7.17
July 20, 2017

let it be
my soul is free
my heart is mine
everything is fine
candles help me
let it be

July 14, 2017

by the light of the Moon
you keep reading a book
started last afternoon
just wanted to cast a look
but couldn’t put away
couldn’t wait for another day

CHANGE 6.7.17
July 6, 2017

let’s change something
just a small thing
what will happen then
what will change and when?

WELCOME 29.6.17
June 29, 2017

welcome to the meal
let’s talk a bit
and make a good deal
come don’t miss it
let’s have a snack and drink
and chat and think

June 22, 2017

I am not a magic potter
but a crazy globetrotter
Paris London and much more
that’s my score

PASSION 17.6.17
June 17, 2017

passion led us here
well to nowhere
the love is for fools
the passion rules

June 8, 2017

dark seems the night
but you are all right
your travel bag and you
and me too
good luck take care
and remember: you’re welcome here

June 1, 2017

déjà vu or reminiscence
you feel its presence
something from the past
still is here still lasts

JEALOUSY 25.5.17
May 25, 2017

you are so serious
and so jealous
putting a spell?
who will tell?

MOOD 18.5.17
May 18, 2017

somebody was rude
and she’s in sad mood
his love isn’t true
and that makes her blue

BYE BYE 11.5.17
May 11, 2017

bye-bye my green leaves
I am so sad: I must leave
for a place I’ve never seen before
I have to go to war

WHO WE ARE 4.5.17
May 4, 2017

who we are
nobodies or stars
criminals or victims
products of our systems?

April 27, 2017

life is an endless race
so never settle in one place
travelling gives a lot of spice
and makes your living nice

TODAY 25.4.17
April 25, 2017

winter seems too long
at the place I belong
yet from today
there’s quite close
to sweet May
with beautiful roses

April 20, 2017

so happy we were
my darling
till this evening
and now I’m here
for ever
and we’ll meet never

TODAY 20.4.17
April 20, 2017

sunny morning
nicely warming
and then in a meadow
a black shadow
from middle ages
comes on the stage

NEW AGE 14.4.17
April 14, 2017

new age
in a new cage
new addiction
makes life worse than fiction

April 6, 2017

whatever it takes
you will fight
life is one that makes
this all right

March 30, 2017

how do you do
where are you
can we meet once again
in April rain

PARIS 23.3.17
March 23, 2017

Paris my love
and you my dove
a sweet meeting
on that morning

TO FEEL 16.3.17
March 16, 2017

to touch
to feel
and liberty

TWO 10.3.17
March 10, 2017

we are two
me and you
old and true
me and you

March 2, 2017


the watch goes tick tack
counting the hours white and black

GUESS 23.2.17
February 23, 2017


can you guess
that I love you
trying to impress
you, only you
even books reflect my love
to you, my bunny and my dove

February 16, 2017


dreamy and white
like a polar night
ready to rush out of cage
just to act on the stage
rather crisp but strong
quite creative
and so imaginative

February 9, 2017


fascinating night air
calm and fair
no sound
silence around
peace rules the town
clad in balmy gown

February 2, 2017


proud solitude
serious attitude
to one’s duties and tasks
never will utter a plea or ask

EXPLORE 26.1.17
January 26, 2017


let’s be curious to explore
to love and adore
like in childhood
in a magic wood
spellbound by tiny things
charmed by everything

OLDIE 19.1.17
January 19, 2017


oldie on the track
memories come back
nice sounds and chimes
good sweet old times

WELCOME 12.1.17
January 12, 2017


dark is my mood
no work, no food
eager to be smart
happy to start

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