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TODAY 31.7.18
July 31, 2018

smiling stares
as heat hits and glares


TODAY 30.7.18
July 30, 2018

July listen ah July
are you ready to fly
will you take my summer away
on the same day?
July says nothing
just keeps laughing
in quite African mood
sounding a bit rude

TODAY 29.7.18
July 29, 2018

have magic power
living in brotherhood
happy and good
watching the poor trees
with dying leaves

TODAY 28.7.18
July 28, 2018

awfully hot
like in iron pot
somewhere in the hell
without water in the well

TODAY 27.7.18
July 27, 2018

another fairy came last night
now smiling in the light
looking at the tired sky
maybe ready to fly?
no, she is to stay
and paint the day

TODAY 26.7.18
July 26, 2018

committed to live
and to love

SAD NEWS 26.7.18
July 26, 2018

you are so sad
the friend is dead
don’t cry
just look at the sky
your friend is there
waving at you here

TODAY 25.7.18
July 25, 2018

no need for any elves
we are fairies ourselves
tied to Earth but free
as happy as one can be

TODAY 24.7.18
July 24, 2018


proud elf

arrived himself

ah will you stay

won’t you fly away

elf was haughty indeed

despising flowers like weeds

TODAY 23.7.18
July 23, 2018

July came
as hottest flame
its unusual heat
was here to meet
autumn feeling anyway
on this tired day

TODAY 22.7.18
July 22, 2018

22.7.18 z


thick fog depressing
till late morning
on peaceful Sunday
but you enjoying cheerly
summer life dearly

TODAY 21.7.18
July 22, 2018



July seems quite old yes
radiating calm sadness
is this like that always
or just on this grey day?
you can’t even guess
falling in hopelessness

TODAY 20.7.18
July 20, 2018

I saw you were lost
but couldn’t help
just yelp
at life’s cost
you are thrown in the street
with nothing to eat
what can I do
for you
just run away
like I did today

July 19, 2018


ancient tale

on Nordic gales


and Vikings

on old runes

and harsh tunes


and tragic


TODAY 19.7.18
July 19, 2018

19.7.18. C vase

this morning was plentiful
bringing gifts most wonderful
by my best friend from afar
my dearest one my superstar
thanks to my friend and my God for the day
making me so happy today

TODAY 18.7.18
July 19, 2018

18.7.18 delf or oz


guessing who you are
maybe a fascinating star
or lovely Cinderella
maybe there is a magic spell
the time will show
now enjoy life and grow

TODAY 17.7.18
July 19, 2018

17.7.18pal 4.30


a new hot day
started today
after mad storm yesterday
raging on its way
banging to my windows
breaking my flowers
today some travelling
some shopping
enjoying unusual heat
happy to meet
my dearest ones
sharing the sun

TODAY 16.7.18
July 19, 2018



what a nasty day
offline and away

TODAY 15.6.18
July 15, 2018

July crumbling away
day by day
foreign queen
never seen
and stayed
like precious jewel
superb and unusual

TODAY 14.7.18
July 14, 2018

blessed Saturday
just now today
calm and gray

TODAY 13.6.18
July 14, 2018

rain at last rain
once and again
thank you Christ for hearing
and understanding
thank you ST.John Paul
for this and everything and all
thank you the Blessed Virgin Mary
for treating us so fairly

TODAY 12.7.18
July 12, 2018

little princess
came like happiness
to the tired ones
exhausted by the Sun

BYE BYE 12.7.18
July 12, 2018

so long bye-bye
my useless guy
we are leaving
this morning
fate will show the way
to happy and safe days

TODAY 11.7.18
July 11, 2018

the world so restless
weak and helpless
to evil streams
but your little world seems
safe and wonderful
sunny and beautiful

TODAY 10.7.18
July 10, 2018

some diligence
hard insistence
good motivation
for your creation

TODAY 9.7.18
July 9, 2018

is it a dream?
indeed it seems
the silence so deep
is the world still asleep?

TODAY 8.7.18
July 8, 2018

harvest time today
in full sway
thank you dear July
for being a good guy

TODAY 7.7.18
July 7, 2018

dearest summer alas
will you pass
never go away
stay do stay
turning my eyes
at summer skies
to thank you and pray

TODAY 6.7.18
July 6, 2018

black shadow on your way
appeared this morning today
sinister grim relentless
making you miserable helpless
thanks God it receded
now you feel happy indeed

TODAY 5.7.18
July 5, 2018

mornings grow lazy
time-consuming and lengthy
yet still amazing
emitting faint strength
gradually wearing away
turning into yesterday

UNDER 5.7.18
July 5, 2018


down and under

stricken by thunder?


or crazy?



July 4, 2018

skipped off and away
last yesterday
escaped the knife
saved her life

TODAY 3.7.18
July 3, 2018

another lovely day
just came to run away
like the very life does
for you and me, and all of us
so enjoy and savour
every minute, every hour

TODAY 2.7.18
July 2, 2018

after a good rain
brisk again
stronger and taller
thank you rainfall

TODAY 1.7.18
July 1, 2018

cruel wind broke you
I feel broken too
autumn in the air
cold and dry here

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