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TODAY 31.5.18
May 31, 2018

a great surprise
unexpected and nice
new fairies appeared
quite unexpected


TODAY 30.5.18
May 30, 2018

an early morning coming fresh and new
a little flower singing just for you

TODAY 29.5.18
May 29, 2018

how do you do
who are you
we haven’t met yet
really we haven’t met
before this morning
what is your name darling?

TODAY 29.5.18
May 29, 2018

how do you do
who are you
we haven’t met yet
really we haven’t met
before this morning
what is your name darling?

TODAY 28.5.18
May 28, 2018

28.5.18 stn

last days
of the very hot May
and a problem again
too dry and no rain

TODAY 27.5.18
May 27, 2018

you are so powerful
soon will turn colourful
always welcome and kind
with great soul and mind

TODAY 26.5.18
May 26, 2018

Dūdieviņ Dūdieviņ
Mīļumiņ dārgumiņ
Lietu mums dāvini
Pasauli dzīvini
Dūdieviņ Dūdieviņ
Mīļumiņ dārgumiņ

TODAY 25.5.18
May 25, 2018

survived quite alone
among asphalt and stones
hope never dies
like sun and blue sky

NO LONGER 24.5.18
May 24, 2018

no lost no longer
feeling stronger
no useless like before
no longer not any more

TODAY 24.5.18
May 24, 2018

may I propose
my friendship
to you, Rose
my love and hardships
may we be friends
may I care for you and defend?

TODAY 23.5.18
May 23, 2018

summer goes on warm
with thunderstorms
some rain and lots of sun
it’s good it’s fun

TODAY 22.5.18
May 22, 2018

19.5.18oz pie nbm

In memoriam

the end of the story

cut down again

who will explain

why ah why

you had to die…


TODAY 21.5.18
May 21, 2018

a cross in the sky
maybe it’s time to die
no morgenandagten this morning
a bit sad and disappointing
strange beliefs interfering
and our values disappearing

TODAY 20.5.18
May 20, 2018

ancient memories
old tales and stories
dancing all around
from the sky to the very ground

TODAY 19.5.18
May 19, 2018

hello little one
enjoying morning sun
last year you were cut down
but now you are in a new gown
classic though fashionable
lovely and reliable

TODAY 18.5.18
May 18, 2018

JOHN PAUL II was born on this day

He had so much to say and pray

May 17, 2018


are you afraid of the dark?

no, said a nightingale

yes, said a lark

both singing in the park

dark is not so bad

dear lark, don’t be so sad

enjoy the hot day




TODAY 17.5.18
May 17, 2018

17.5.18 bc ciet

you are free

like a nightingale

like the very sea

you will never fail

in spite of everything

you are free

free like me

TODAY 16.5.18
May 16, 2018

do you feel
my appeal?
don’t tease
just love me, please
like I love you
will you?

TODAY 15.5.18
May 15, 2018

summer grows older
swifter and bolder
more loving
and caressing
nature seems clever
always for ever

TODAY 14.5.18
May 14, 2018

early morning
birds twittering
summer heat ahead
not too bad

TODAY 13.5.18
May 14, 2018

the leaves so fresh and green
on my dearest tree
summer wind passing
and gently whispering
old you are but still beautiful
I’m ancient too but not regretful

TODAY 12.5.18
May 12, 2018

I love you
summer at its best
after several tests
I love you

TODAY 11.5.18
May 11, 2018

summertime so sweet
cannot but repeat
love radiates from everything
on this wonderful morning

HOT 10.5.18
May 10, 2018


you travel a lot

you like  it hot

you are crazy

it’s so amazing

you like it hot

why not?

TODAY 10.5.18
May 10, 2018

older today
than yesterday
but not colder
your heart full with fire
and concealed desire

TODAY 9.5.18
May 9, 2018

so beautiful
and plentiful
what a great day

TODAY 8.5.18
May 8, 2018

7.5.18 b nm

you are white

like a Polar night

your sisters are blue

and  they  love you

all of you enjoying a sunny day

both yesterday and today

TODAY 7.5.18
May 7, 2018

summertime at last
a bit quick a bit fast
the Sun so radiating
the flowers so smiling

TODAY 6.5.18
May 6, 2018

early hours
have golden power
nightingale song so sweet
among trees green and neat

TODAY 5.5.18
May 5, 2018

another busy day
happily enjoying
and feeling gratitude

TODAY 4.5.18
May 4, 2018

the Sun shines on me
weather news and tv
were not right
last night
thanks Heavens
for kind presence

TODAY 3.5.18
May 3, 2018


once there was a May day

just like today

with lovely flowers

radiating power



May 3, 2018


out of boat you are

and nobody cares

indifference all around

no good word no sound

alone with your fate

be strong, mate

TODAY 2.5.18
May 2, 2018

no need to be elsewhere
you are happy here
now and for ever
be wise and clever
rely upon Christ’s care
ignore strange Gods beware

TODAY 1.5.18
May 1, 2018

1.5.18ll plaukst

the first of May


welcome dear Spring

welcome lovely  Morning

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