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TODAY 31.12.17
December 31, 2017

the last day
slowly wearing away
the new year coming
the old one leaving


TODAY 30.12.17
December 30, 2017

29.12.17ug pl

December last but one

so dim without Sun

fire instead for me live

helping to survive

the darkest days

like today



TODAY 29.12.17
December 29, 2017


the year dying away
day by day
with raining gray

TODAY 28.12.17
December 28, 2017

you are a witch
with no broom
but quite rich
with large rooms
near the sky
and clouds
just wish and try
to be proud

TODAY 27.12.17
December 27, 2017

unbelievable peace
and release
life is wonderful
and beautiful
and you feel grateful

TODAY 26.12.17
December 26, 2017

you are to pay
every day
life costs
even if lost
yet the best things
cost nothing

TODAY 25.12.17
December 25, 2017

25.12.17 lm

Christmas here

lovely and dear


TODAY 24.12.17
December 24, 2017

Happy Christmas to all my friends

TODAY 23.12.17
December 23, 2017

spring’s far away
yet days get longer
and you feel stronger
on this day

TODAY 22.12.17
December 22, 2017

snowflakes swarm
in a white storm
and covering
in a playful way
the very shortest day

TODAY 21.12.17
December 21, 2017

fairy tale
dim and pale
for something

TODAY 20.12.17
December 20, 2017

a grey day
a bright spot
smiling why not?
spring comes anyway
day by day

TODAY 19.12.17
December 19, 2017

my friend so small
but loved above all
with ghost Casper
and silent whispers

TODAY 18.12.17
December 18, 2017

hi my star the blue
thank you
I can clearly see
there’s hope for me

TODAY 17.12.17
December 17, 2017

memories so sweet
to love and treat
childhood’s decembers
worth to remember
gifts and Santa Claus
why? because…
those days fading away
listen what I say

TODAY 16.12.17
December 16, 2017

happy days
when Christmas cards
arrive these days
so lovely and smart

TODAY 15.12.17
December 15, 2017

last night
the world turned white
only some days to wait
for holy Christmas night

TODAY 14.12.17
December 14, 2017

December sun
giving some fun
to compensate short days
sometimes (and today)
Christmas stars
shining not so afar

TODAY 13.12.17
December 14, 2017

dark grey Universe
tuning grim verse
the Sun just missing
and thoughts flying
on such a day
to April and May

TODAY 12.12.17
December 12, 2017

lowered had
calmly sad
hoping for best
happiness and rest
be strong my dear
I am still here

TODAY 11.12.17
December 11, 2017

black and grey
no blue sky
is it time to die?
everything hopeless
and useless

TODAY 10.12.17
December 10, 2017

couple of weeks away
from Christmas today
hopeful time
like springtime

TODAY 9.12.17
December 9, 2017

December nine
quite fine
only a bit dark here
Sun gone somewhere

TODAY 8.12.17
December 8, 2017

dark again
cold rain
but fire sparks gaily
warming me daily

LOVE MUSIC 7.12.17
December 7, 2017

music my love
my tender dove
knowing like I feel
always with me
thank you
music I LOVE YOU

TODAY 7.12.17
December 7, 2017

my today
still in yesterday
scattered night
by Christmas lights
silver blue and white
magic yesterday
penetrates this day

TODAY 6.12.17
December 7, 2017

this morning
and admiring
fairy sky passing
shades changing

TODAY 5.12.17
December 5, 2017

winter tale
not for sale
just for eyes
to enjoy and sigh
being witness
to beauty and brightness

TODAY 4.12.17
December 4, 2017

this is no trap
just a snow cap
my dear friend keep warm
and survive all storms

TODAY 3.12.17
December 3, 2017

your guilt
like milk spilt
neither to snatch
nor catch
and unhealing

TODAY 2.12.17
December 2, 2017

what is better
skype talking
or brisk walking?
maybe snail letter?
what is best
to act or sit in rest?

TODAY 1.12.17
December 1, 2017

bye-bye November
hello December
winter comes slowly
and carefully
on snowy but dark day

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