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August 31, 2017

the worst of all dreams
worst than might seem
a most horrible nightmare
just look and stare
at the last book store:
books aren’t needed any more


TODAY 31.8.17
August 31, 2017

summer is going to expire
but you’re burning like fire
radiating like miracle
in spite of all obstacles:
live until the very end
die but never bend!

TODAY 30.8.17
August 30, 2017

and imagination
are akin:
no twins
no equal peas:
rather waves in high seas

TODAY 29.8.17
August 29, 2017

somewhere it’s still extremely hot
but not here alas certainly not
though not so far away
but not here anyway
is global anti-warming from the North
spreading to South and forth?
fortunately the night wasn’t as cold
as weather forecasts told

TODAY 28.8.17
August 28, 2017

is a great thing
see new faces
enjoy unseen places
catch emotions
and be in motion

TODAY 27.8.17
August 27, 2017

life with its hardships
sometimes seems hopeless
but then a new friendship
opens your eyes
and suddenly you can see
how nice is to live and to be

TODAY 26.8.17
August 26, 2017

a good weather forecast
came true thanks God a last
you are radiating
close to laughing
life seems really beautiful
nice and wonderful

TODAY 25.8.17.
August 25, 2017

nasty rain
came ghastly

YOUR FATE 24.8.17
August 24, 2017

your fate
is never late
your fate is cruel
and never out of fuel
what you have done
can’t be undone

TODAY 24.8.17
August 24, 2017

Nordic resignation
calm preparation
for long challenge
and hard change
parting with summer
submitting to winter

TODAY 23.8.17
August 23, 2017

how do you do
I love you
you are so round
fit and sound
green and yellow
a brave fellow

TODAY 22.8.17
August 22, 2017

high clouds
seemingly proud
slowly swimming
gently changing
having some fun
by covering the sun

TODAY 21.8.17
August 21, 2017

not so bad
yet too sad
without sunny days:
they seem so far away
and rain’s splashing song
rules everywhere and along

TODAY 20.8.17
August 20, 2017

storm and rain
once again
grey clouds hovering
grim and threatening
the day seems too dark
without any hope or spark

TODAY 19.8.17
August 19, 2017

happy summer days go on
at a gracious pace
heavy rains gone
this morning I met a new face
in my flower paradise
so charming and nice

TODAY 18.8.17
August 18, 2017

little star smiling
good morning!
take care
but dare!
and be just!

NB 17.8.17
August 17, 2017

be careful
and trustful
better dance or walk
than chat or talk

TODAY 17.8.17
August 17, 2017

you are cosmic
and fantastic
turning your eyes
to the blue sky
staring at the space
and its invisible face

TODAY 16.8.17
August 16, 2017

you are charming
a bit like a basset
and that’s your asset
good-natured and caring
melancholic and pensive
maybe apprehensive

TODAY 15.8.17
August 15, 2017

TODAY 14.8.17
August 14, 2017

crazy whirlpool
for old fool
hectic day
and returning

TODAY 13.8.17
August 13, 2017

August 13th
world’s still green
sky and clouds colourful
life seems so beautiful
yet birds stretch their wings
before a long travelling

TODAY 12.8.17
August 12, 2017

really hot
at this spot
great fit
I love it
my thanks hottest
to the good August

TODAY 11.8.17
August 11, 2017

velvet orange-brown
is my daily gown
not crazy for gold
too bright and bold
for a shy being like me
though independent and free

TODAY 10.8.17
August 10, 2017

beautiful and neat
in African heat
that rules today
on this August day
the storks flying slowly
majestic and lovely

LOST 10.8.17
August 10, 2017

lost spectacles
in extreme obstacles
lost yourself too….
where are you?
maybe just running away
from a nasty day?

TODAY 9.8.17
August 9, 2017

the summer seems tired
yet not expired
a hot day
the Sun smiling
the clouds swimming

TODAY 8.8.17
August 8, 2017

you are beautiful
and very useful
your taste is good
good for food
and like everyone
you love the Sun

TODAY 7.8.17
August 7, 2017

blow ye winds blow
blow high and low
I’ll keep silence
and prudence
let us see
what will be, will be

TODAY 6.8.17
August 6, 2017

summer favours
sweet or sour
always great
are gifts of Fate
with shade of carelessness
peace and happiness

TODAY 5.8.17
August 5, 2017

the winds blow strong
mercilessly and long
the cosmos sea waving
flowers broken and falling
now resting in a vase
after the wild blasts

TODAY 4.8.17
August 4, 2017

hot windy day
a golden sea
waving hello to me
smiling sweetly
nodding kindly

August 3, 2017

like a flower
after a summer shower
turning to the Sun
unable to run
feeling temptation
apt to elevation

TODAY 3.8.17
August 3, 2017

it’s darn hot today
a nice summer day
bathed in sunshine
like sparkling wine
no time for reflection
and recollections

TODAY 2.8.17
August 2, 2017

rain fog rain
here again
July is away
autumn’s too insistent
and too persistent

TODAY 1.8.17
August 1, 2017

ai daba
cik tu laba
bet cilvēce ļauna
bez goda bez kauna
ai saplūst ar dabu
tik mīļu un labu

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