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TODAY 30.4.17
April 30, 2017

one more day
till the month of May
winter seems lifelong
so persistent and strong
but the nature has its own laws
and the dreary season shall withdraw


TODAY 29.4.17
April 29, 2017

a dull Saturday
no mail
plans fail
and again
an endless rain

TODAY 28.4.17
April 28, 2017

April’s quite old
ready to run
nights’re still cold
days bathed by sun
and washed by rain
again and again

April 27, 2017

life is an endless race
so never settle in one place
travelling gives a lot of spice
and makes your living nice

TODAY 27.4.17
April 27, 2017

the days line
in a row
yours and mine
come and go
days and nights
black and white
quick and slow
they come and go

TODAY 26.4.17
April 26, 2017

be the sky blue or grey
I have a free day
and can run and fly
to the very bluest sky
life is beautiful
if one isn’t too careful

TODAY 25.4.17
April 25, 2017

winter seems too long
at the place I belong
yet from today
there’s quite close
to sweet May
with beautiful roses

TODAY 24.4.17
April 24, 2017

Monday busy
crowded trains
trams and planes
feel uneasy?
no, it’s a happy morning
with a new beginning

TODAY 23.4.17
April 23, 2017

wild behaviour
has some savour
you say: impolite?
but what if that gives delight
joy and lightness
and carelessness

TODAY 22.4.17
April 22, 2017

mild showers
tend my flowers
little snow doesn’t harm
just adds some charm
the lovely season’s on its way
with most wonderful days

TODAY 21.4.17
April 21, 2017

to get back
on the track
to reflect
and select
to exist
to persist

April 20, 2017

so happy we were
my darling
till this evening
and now I’m here
for ever
and we’ll meet never

TODAY 20.4.17
April 20, 2017

sunny morning
nicely warming
and then in a meadow
a black shadow
from middle ages
comes on the stage

TODAY 19.4.17
April 19, 2017

birds and bees
love trees
but human race
are double-faced
and too often merciless
and too ruthless

TODAY 18.4.17
April 18, 2017

sharp frost
warm days lost
a bit bad
and sad
late spring again
I’d love Spain

TODAY 17.4.17
April 17, 2017

Easter Monday
is today

TODAY 16.4.17
April 16, 2017

Easter today

TODAY 15.4.17
April 15, 2017

longing for warmer days
it’s too cold today
and snowing
from night till morning
spring is late as always
making to wait for some more days

NEW AGE 14.4.17
April 14, 2017

new age
in a new cage
new addiction
makes life worse than fiction

TODAY 14.4.17
April 14, 2017

Good Friday
is today

TODAY 13.4.17
April 14, 2017

Maundy Thursday
some rain for you
a bit of wind too
Easter is coming
with cold trimming

TODAY 12.4.17
April 12, 2017

a holiday
just to shade
a boring routine
on your life screen

TODAY 11.4.17
April 11, 2017

when your boss
keep silence
when he talks
listen be “decent”

TODAY 10.4.17
April 10, 2017

shouting laughing
modern mobbing
one sobbing
some kicking
one moaning
three staring

TODAY 9.4.17
April 9, 2017

not so far away
from today
to month of May
green leaves and flowers
warm showers
and happy hours

TODAY 8.4.17
April 8, 2017

it’s another saturday
and highest time to pay
a visit to my friends
who love me and defend

TODAY 7.4.17
April 7, 2017

icy fog all around
from the sky to the ground
frosty breeze
kissing trees

TODAY 6.4.17
April 6, 2017

chocolate kids are sweet
and need a special treat
their parents as well
and who will tell
what is best
will you pass the test?

April 6, 2017

whatever it takes
you will fight
life is one that makes
this all right

TODAY 5.4.17
April 5, 2017

April and May
best of the year
hopeful and dear
April and May

TODAY 4.4.17
April 4, 2017

early morning
birds twittering
a nice walk
no dogs talk
on my way to the train
once again

TODAY 3.4.17
April 3, 2017

the cranes flying ahead
said that hope wasn’t dead
later, smiling pansies
caught my fancy
and a nice girl was so helpful
being both kind and beautiful
a busy day
I would say

TODAY 2.4.17
April 2, 2017

thick fog
so dense
and intense
like in a bog
centuries ago
or so

TODAY 1.4.17
April 1, 2017

a stranger knocked at our door
only devil knows what for
we were quite scared
but he was bold, he dared
to tell us we were bad
ah we are so sad so sad

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