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TODAY 31.3.17
March 31, 2017

hope dies last
diving in the past
no help in need
sorrowful indeed
you can just sigh
and die


March 30, 2017

how do you do
where are you
can we meet once again
in April rain

TODAY 30.3.17
March 30, 2017

could be worse
no hell of course
thanks God busy

TODAY 29.3.17
March 29, 2017

Sol brightly red
got out of bed
Vind still sleeping
sweetly dreaming
Sol will have the brokost
Vind and Dag their frokost

TODAY 28.3.17
March 28, 2017

a new danger
from a stranger
GOD help me please
protect me release
from ruthlessness
I still hope for YOUR forgiveness

TODAY 27.3.17
March 27, 2017

one hour lost
at our cost
Nature grins
at our sins
at our stupid rules
made by fools

TODAY 26.3.16
March 26, 2017

bleak and grey
is this day
and waiting
not really sleeping
but expecting

TODAY 25.3.16
March 25, 2017

winter can’t depart
spring can’t start
and I can’t wait for nice days
for sweet May
June July and August
they are best and fondest

TODAY 24.3.17
March 24, 2017

sunny but not warm
expecting rain and storm
well let us see
what will be will be

TODAY 23.3.17
March 23, 2017

few friends in need
are friends indeed
life is cruel
when one is out of fuel

PARIS 23.3.17
March 23, 2017

Paris my love
and you my dove
a sweet meeting
on that morning

TODAY 22.3.17
March 22, 2017

bad teachers
and fake preachers
spoil human minds
who lag behind
missing sense of honesty humanity
and fraternity

TODAY 21.3.17
March 21, 2017

another day
on your way
nasty or bright
dark or light
merry or sad
good or bad

TODAY 20.3.17
March 20, 2017

useful or useless
helpful or helpless
powerless or powerful
ugly or beautiful
stupid or smart
choose your model and start

TODAY 19.3.17
March 19, 2017

the early morn
was full of mourn
Sunday Sunday
with the sun away
but little snowdrops
made me stop

TODAY 18.3.17
March 18, 2017

life in a city
may seem pretty
not boring at all
in winter and fall
but summer heat
is a different treat

TODAY 17.3.17
March 17, 2017

the Sun rose early
caressing us dearly
hoarfrost white
parting with night
a young day smiling
to a pink morning

TO FEEL 16.3.17
March 16, 2017

to touch
to feel
and liberty

TODAY 16.3.17
March 16, 2017

cold weather and clear
though spring’s quite near
the trees change their colour
Earth gains fresh odour
we’ve survived once again
hi the plant hi the grain

TODAY 15.3.17
March 15, 2017

crazy toothache
is no piece of cake
if one is penniless
life is hopeless
no light no help
so just cry and yelp
fire warms you anyway
and brightens your day

TODAY 14.3.17
March 14, 2017

I remember
calm December
lovely morning
flowers smiling
sunny spots
raining a lot
in London

TODAY 13.3.17
March 14, 2017

is 13th
worse than 14th
and tuesday
better than monday?
ah those superstitions
and premonitions
sunny today is my place
and blurred the other face

TODAY 12.3.17
March 12, 2017

a midnight hour
gives magic power
to spirits and ghosts
spectres and souls lost
to goblins and elves
to witches and werewolves

TODAY 11.3.17
March 11, 2017

DR Klassisk

is fantastic

no commercials

really professional

music that heals

what a good deal

TWO 10.3.17
March 10, 2017

we are two
me and you
old and true
me and you

TODAY 10.3.17
March 10, 2017

are you shy

and delicate

or just sly

and intricate?

can I trust?

may I? must?

TODAY 9.3.17
March 9, 2017

a friend in need
is a friend indeed
but if he’s a fake
then decision do take
and leave him of course
with no shade of remorse

TODAY 8.3.17
March 8, 2017

winter seems so deep
ah just to sleep
peaceful silence
keeps its presence
dear spring come in a day or few
very welcome and thank you

TODAY 7.3.17
March 7, 2017

the snowstorm last night

proved you weren’t right

the winter is stronger

and will stay longer

no way to escape:

just enjoy the landscape

TODAY 6.3.17
March 6, 2017


and again the snow
without any row
last night
painted my world white
for a day or two
just to tease me and you

TODAY 5.3.17
March 5, 2017


cute and lovely
parading solemnly
om my wall
both great and small
dear and cute
my little attributes

TODAY 4.3.17
March 4, 2017


old friends
never pretend
they are true
you are a real crew
your friend and you

TODAY 3.3.17
March 3, 2017


street lights
erase the night
twin water towers
radiate power
greeting the light
after the night

March 2, 2017


the watch goes tick tack
counting the hours white and black

TODAY 2.3.17
March 2, 2017


so warm at the train
after a brisk morning walk
no wind no rain
nobody to talk
the sun slowly waking
a few bored dogs barking
coming back when the sun goes to sleep
in the sky dark and deep
the last snow melting away
the spring isn’t so far away

TODAY 1.3.17
March 1, 2017


a dull day again

promising greyish rain

water tower in fog

(or maybe that’s smog?)

a new beginning

the weeks of daily travelling

a lot of new faces

in a new place

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