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TODAY 31.1.17
January 31, 2017


good-bye January
welcome February
pray tomorrow
erase all sorrows
four weeks till March
and spring’s flowery arch


TODAY 30.1.17
January 30, 2017


waiting for the spring
and warmth it will bring
a bit cold nowadays
and snowing today
but I’m patient
here by the pavement

TODAY 29.1.17
January 29, 2017


has your presence
any sense?
please, go away
don’t stay
be merciful
make me grateful

TODAY 28.1.17
January 28, 2017


life goes on
with you
and without you
we’ll be gone
but life will be here
here and over there

TODAY 27.1.17
January 27, 2017


live and strive
just stay alive
enjoy the golden sun
win and outrun
meet the warm season
it stands to reason

EXPLORE 26.1.17
January 26, 2017


let’s be curious to explore
to love and adore
like in childhood
in a magic wood
spellbound by tiny things
charmed by everything

TODAY 26.1.17
January 26, 2017


high above all
haughtily proud
seemingly tall
nearly laughing aloud
though riding piggyback
a stupid fool
a potato sack
never gone to school

TODAY 25.1.17
January 25, 2017


The Sun says hello
to every fellow
a lovely day
is on its way
open your eyes and ears
be happy, my dears!

TODAY 24.1.17
January 24, 2017


even a water tower
has a definite power
over us
so be humble
don’t grumble

TODAY 23.1.17
January 23, 2017


a false mega star
is only a scar
on the face of Universe
hopefully for me to disperse
completely one day
on its dishonest way
so rich is the witch
but nothing lasts
and she’ll be swallowed by the past

TODAY 22.1.17
January 22, 2017


another day
to pass away
to leave the stage
tu turn the page
another night
before the light

TODAY 21.1.17
January 21, 2017


Snip, snap, snurre,
Basse lurre
Good Fortune, come at last
By a whisper or by blast
Small wonders always welcome
Come at last, come!

TODAY 20.1.17
January 20, 2017


heaven promising a new spring
with joy and wondering
and the other good things

OLDIE 19.1.17
January 19, 2017


oldie on the track
memories come back
nice sounds and chimes
good sweet old times

TODAY 19.1.17
January 19, 2017


our life slides away
slowly and fastly
day after day
silently and ghastly

TODAY 18.1.17
January 18, 2017


if your heart is made of ice
you’ll pay a special price
don’t be sorry
no use to worry
just keep your pace
and face it, face

TODAY 17.1.17
January 17, 2017


in a deep snow
a smiling heart glows
the happy ones
have a good fun

TODAY 16.1.17
January 16, 2017


in nineteen twenty-seven
on this day a boy was born
the world had the same heaven
but today I had a sad morn

TODAY 15.1.17
January 15, 2017


Don’t cry, darling, don’t cry
Just look at my eyes
Life is not finished
Lots to be cherished

TODAY 14.1.17
January 14, 2017


snowy way
starts my day
not too bright
but lovely white

TODAY 13.1.17
January 14, 2017


black friday
just a grey day
rather depressing
but with some blessing

WELCOME 12.1.17
January 12, 2017


dark is my mood
no work, no food
eager to be smart
happy to start

TODAY 12.1.17
January 12, 2017


hello the trees
(and they bow back at me)
how do you do
so happy to meet you

TODAY 11.1.17
January 11, 2017


the sun rising every morning
be it autumn, summer or winter
smiling and warming
more precious than gold or silver

TODAY 10.1.17
January 10, 2017


grey and white
no real light

TODAY 9.1.17
January 9, 2017


alone defensive
seem insensitive
wrapped in silent solitude
majestic attitude

TODAY 8.1.17
January 8, 2017


little wonders now and then
when you need them
Thank you, the Heavens

TODAY 7.1.17
January 7, 2017


cold arctic winter

TODAY 6.1.17
January 6, 2017


fire gives some warmth and light
after a brutally cold night
from the frozen floor in the rooms
death stealthily looms

TODAY 5.1.17
January 5, 2017


horribly cold
feeling miserably old
still colder next days
the spring’s so far away 😦

TODAY 4.1.17
January 4, 2017


moderate snowstorm
painting fantastic shapes and forms
winter lovely and beautiful
and naturally masterful

TODAY 3.1.17
January 3, 2017


soft white snow
fills the space
like fairy lace
in high places and low

TODAY 2.1.17
January 2, 2017


the first days of January
the winter before February
I cannot wait for March and spring
when gaily birds will start to sing

TODAY 1.1.17
January 1, 2017


a new year a new day
old life old ways

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