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TODAY 31.8.16
August 31, 2016


feeling hopeless
and useless
nobody needs me now
how to live, how???


TODAY 30.8.16
August 30, 2016

30.8.16... CINN

winds cold and strong
blowing beside and along
the sky and clouds dark and gray
bringing the message of autumn today

TODAY 29.8.16
August 29, 2016


today I went to my roots
both by bus and on foot
the weather was great as ever
it never rains on such days, never
my dearest ones take care of me
and I feel their love waving like the sea
Parents’ love never fails
and leaves a deepest trail

TODAY 28.8.16
August 28, 2016

28.8.16.. BD IN VASE

summer idyll is still around
though quieter are its songs and sounds
just now the white colour prevails
clouds in the sky moving like sails
white, white, white
so clean and bright

TODAY 27.8.16
August 27, 2016


happy at my quiet place.
after yesterday’s race 🙂

TODAY 26.8.16
August 26, 2016


it is so wonderful to be
so very close to the sea

AUGUST 25.2016
August 25, 2016


happy summer days
last glimpses before the war
when Fate would cruelly say
Enough. Forget what was before
the treacherous annexation
(disguised as liberation)

TODAY 25.8.16
August 25, 2016


the summer still smiling
the flowers blooming
the dreams still alive
the hopes trying to survive

TODAY 24.8.16
August 24, 2016


the rules and laws
powerful teeth and claws
the system grinds everything
especially the vulnerable beings

TODAY 23.8.16
August 23, 2016


a stormy day
on its way
like in life, changeable
both sad and adorable

TODAY 22.8.16
August 22, 2016


late but better than never
indeed, however
summer arrived too late
so I had some time to meditate
before smiling to the Universe
and compose this sentimental verse

TODAY 21.8.16
August 21, 2016


Sunday came calm and lazy
but Europe seems absolutely crazy
divided and vulnerable
and absolutely incapable
strange gods step in, aggressive
the Continent remains lethargic and passive

TODAY 20.8.16
August 20, 2016

20.8.16m2 2.z

the sun lovely, the sun dear
you’re back, you’re here
life seems beautiful again
without endless rains

TODAY 19.8.16
August 19, 2016


today yes today
o soley soley
o soley soley
today yes today

MOTEL 18.8.16
August 18, 2016


deserted place
grim face, slow pace
Yankee freedom
and wisdom
now and then shooting
killing and looting

TODAY 18.8.16
August 18, 2016


Charles Dickens was true and right
having a really clairvoyant sight:
why, the tax offices are the persecutors
chasing unlucky people like ruthless looters
and they never fail
neither in fake countries, nor those like Wales

TODAY 17.8.16
August 17, 2016


rain, wind and overall greyness
together with great sadness
I am scared of it a bit
and feeling rather unfit

TODAY 16.8.16
August 16, 2016


a dull day, depressive
a bit sad, and rather passive
good time for reflection
for memories and recollections

TODAY 15.8.16
August 15, 2016

15.8.16. A

Heavens blue and clear
my world lovely and dear
Mary from Heavens watching
thanks Her for care and everything

TODAY 14.8.16
August 14, 2016


Sunday smiling peacefully
And Cosmos bowing gracefully

TODAY 13.8.16
August 14, 2016

13.8.16 mpien

a charming tiny star
seen already from afar
laughing and singing
in spite of everything

TODAY 12.8.16
August 12, 2016

12.8.16 m2

good weather today, sunny
a bit like autumn, funny
still colourful
and a bit sorrowful

LOOK 11.8.16
August 11, 2016


dreaming and thinking
and then asking
is this world welcome?
when will my happiness come?

TODAY 11.8.16
August 11, 2016

11.8.16 cinn solo

alone and proud I stand
and few can understand
why I don’t join the crowd
so lively and loud
but I prefer to be on my own
strong, beautiful and alone

TODAY 10.8.16
August 10, 2016

10.8.16 tab v

crossing eternity
getting back to fraternity
catching a glimpse of summertime
travelling through space and time

TODAY 9.8.16
August 9, 2016


I’m hundred years old today
as my best friend used to say
the sky is sullen and dark are clouds
autumn comes majestically, slowly and proud
no use to weep or cry
but why it’s so every year, why?

TODAY 8.8.16
August 8, 2016

8.8.16n milzu tup
harvest time in a haste
if you don’t want to waste
rain makes its own rules
with hard showers and pools

TODAY 7.8.16
August 7, 2016


have storks gone away
today or yesterday?
landscape seems sorrowful
and I am rather doubtful
whether it’s the end of paradise
though garden is still lovely and nice

TODAY 6.8.16
August 6, 2016

6.8.16 papr zied

angry thunderstorm at night hours
spectacular demonstration of nature’s powers
a sleepy morning and then a surprise
I couldn’t trust my eyes
paprika nicely blooming
what a lovely morning!

TODAY 5.8.16
August 5, 2016

showers and rain
again and again
but it’s still warm
be it rain or storm
who is our friend
who cares, who defends?

August 4, 2016


cakes and ale
a merry tale
but my world is dim and pale
and my life is on sale

TODAY 4.8.16
August 4, 2016


a rainy promenade
the world fades
day by day
autumn in the air
is it fair?

TODAY 3.8.16
August 3, 2016


a bit exhausted and busy
tired and feeling dizzy
but happy to be useful though
at least I do hope so
God, help to survive
and stay alive
for a little while

TODAY 2.8.16
August 2, 2016


it seems this August isn’t summer any more
at least the very first days, not like used to be before
somewhat heavy in the morning
as if sighing as if warning

TODAY 1.8.16
August 1, 2016


raining hard and long
dear flowers, let’s be strong
after endless rains
the sun will shine again

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