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94. SWING AND SLIDE 31.10.15
October 31, 2015

MERRY GO ROUNDSwing and slide
Fly and ride
Round and round
Lose the sense of ground.


93. MAGIC POTION 31.10.15
October 31, 2015

10.6.13 indes d

Who will tell
Whether some potion, or spell
Will help, or fail
To fly, or sail
To your aim,
To spur you, or to tame?

IGNORANT 29.10.15
October 29, 2015

photo-1444703686981-a3abbc4d4fe3So many secrets in the sky

True and real, no lies

But I am ignorant and small,

After all.

92.SPIDER STORY 27.10.15
October 27, 2015


I love the flies,
To watch them die
Without a chance to fight
And that’s a cool sight!
My web isn’t rough
But strong enough.
And so my business goes
Without any disputes or rows.

91. FAMILY HEIRLOOM 22.10.15
October 22, 2015

New Post 22.10.15 athl sk

Family heirloom, alas,
Can easily pass
Into history.
And that’s the end of a story.

October 22, 2015


Endless road under blue sky

Eternal, that never die

To reach the horizon and mountains

And maybe some sparkling fountains.

90. GREEN THUMB 17.10.15
October 17, 2015

gladiola.....Vera had a green thumb indeed

With every plant and every seed

Even a newspaper would grow

(My godmother told so)

When planted by Vera’s hands

Even at the desert sands.

RED SCARF 16.10.15
October 15, 2015


There’s something tragic
in the red thing.
or magic.
Was it caught
by a dead dwarf,
the red scarf?
Maybe they even fought?

89. TWITTER STATUS 13.10.15
October 14, 2015

13.10.15 kll lapa#Autumn here
Don’t you know where?
Over the rainbow
By the clouds high and low
Yes indeed, it’s so!

October 12, 2015

12.10.15ll mglNature owns the richest paints and colours

Most resourcesĀ  of thisĀ  world, and valours

Sunshine, rainbow, snow

Mountains high and low

Foggy mornings

Mild evenings

Multicoloured sky and clouds

Rains soft and thunderstorms loud….

October 11, 2015

11.10.15 LIEPASThe most beautiful place is my home

By a highway, with my trees, and everything

Nevertheless I love to travel, and to roam

To see new places, to see something.

Just now I remember a gas station on the border

Crowded but boasting some order

Lots of kitch on the shelves:

Shining balls, synthetic sweets, strange elves.

And funny rules as well

Just to sell.

Well, the best place is home

Though crazy bags like to roam.

ONCE 8.10.15
October 9, 2015

I was pretty in the past.

Once. But nothing lasts.

The very life

Made me ugly, with its knife.

But I can see the beauty of the sky

And I still trust my eyes..

I do enjoy the magic colours and shades

As they appear and fade…


86. MY MUSES 8.10.15
October 8, 2015


Flower paradise

Is my Muse Number One

The sky at sunset and sunrise

And clouds, and shades cast by the sun.

85. A DAY IN LIFE 6.10.15
October 6, 2015


A good way

To start a day

In high spirits

That’s it!

In autumn, summer or spring

You can go to your flowers

They have a remarkable power

And that’s a real thing!

84. FANCIEST PEN 4.10.15
October 4, 2015

84. FANCIEST PEN 4.10.15

83. NO MAGIC 3.10.15
October 3, 2015


It’s so tragic

I have no touch of magic

So I can’t fly

And I cannot die

When I want to pass away

Just have to wait for the black day.

October 3, 2015



My favourite books

Are magic tales

They never fail

Nils Holgersson

Or the sly Karlsson

The great Witch on the broom

And the Flying Class-Room.

CANDLES 1.10.15
October 1, 2015


October comes with long nights

And you need some light.

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