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81. MRS HYPOCRISY 30.9.15
September 30, 2015

30.9.15 z tkls
The old landlady has no harsh words
For aggressive migrant ords.
False grimaces on her wrinkled face
Reflect a serious mental case,
The sweet slogans and ads
Sound tragic and sad.
The few defenders of hers meet no support.
It seems that truth is dead and mort.
Welcome, the wild “refugees”,
No obligations for you, no fees.


September 26, 2015

Hi, strangers in the street

Both the clumsy and the neat

How is your day?

Tell me, please, say.

Passing by they only nod

Does that mean yes or not?

I wish them all the best

Good health, and all the rest

I feel so happy seeing the crowded street

With humans, clumsy and neat.


79. THE REAL HERO 24.9.15
September 24, 2015


Greatest of all heroes is Nature

Courageous, just and brave

With unsurpasable stature

But we want to turn Her into slave.

Nature loves us dearly

Demonstrating Her love clearly

She is so devoted and caring

Tender and loving.

The real hero is Nature, I say

And for Her I always pray.

September 24, 2015


On high heels:

That’s a great deal.

I feel like great dame

Full with beauty and fame

78. OLD SONG 21.9.15
September 21, 2015

21.9.15 In lupiina
Weeping in my pillow
Like a stupid fool
Rain and the old willow
Crying bitterly,too.

77. DREAMLAND 20.9.15
September 20, 2015

castleAh, blessed Dreamland

With blue sky and white towers

Bathing in fresh air and mild showers

Resting on golden sand

Hidden from strange eyes

And evil minds

Of all types and kinds

Enjoying private sunsets and sunrise.

76. WHAT I MISS 19.9.15
September 19, 2015

19.9.15c in wind

I miss my sweet childhood

When life was bright

And full with light

When all the world seemed nice and good.

BOOKWORM 16.9.15
September 16, 2015

the-book-wormThe Sun, rain or storm

I love my books

So it looks

Because I am the bookworm!

75. MY INTERVIEW 16.9.15
September 16, 2015

  • 15.9.15maple
  • Hello, is Mr Autumn there?
  • Yes, I listen, I hear.
  • Will your colours be beautiful again?
  • Yes, if there won’t be too much rain.
  • Will you be kind, please?
  • Yes, I will love you and tease.

74. CAUGHT 14.9.15
September 14, 2015

14.9.15c.Caught red-handed

You feel like a ship, stranded,

To be driven into the corner of the room,

Or maybe as a mouse under a broom?

LOST 10.9.15
September 10, 2015


I was lost

On my master’s way

To the golden days

And that costs…

That’s a dear thing

Full of betrayal

And denial

And everything.

73. OUR LAST TALK 8.9.15
September 8, 2015


We talked about nothing

By phone

In undertones

We talked about everything.

72.OLD PLACES 7.9.15
September 7, 2015

7.9.15y by very hw

Sunlit and large in the past,

Crowded and noisy, alive.

Nowadays so desolated and deprived…

Nothing in this world lasts.

71. MONA LISA, HI 6.9.15
September 6, 2015

MONA LISA LOUVRE 2009Give me the keys

Of your heart, please.

And then let’s go forth

to the very North –

You my Queen and me Your King.

Yours for ever, Sven Viking.

70. RECIPE 4.9.15
September 4, 2015

1.1.15 candle
Recipe for bad mood?
Maybe a crazy adventure,
Full with risk and venture?
Or just some good food?
A candle lit at night?
Delicious cake and ale
Might help, or fail,
Nevertheless, bring some hope and light.

September 2, 2015


Dear September

Where is the sun

Where is all fun?

You look like November!

69. SILLY SPORTS 2.9.15
September 2, 2015


Some sports

Are worse than bad

And that’s sadder than sad

They just distort…

The human essence

Drawing a sharp line

As a serious sign

Of human absence.

September 2, 2015


Good-bye, my love, farewell

I must go away

But was unable to say…

Simply couldn’t tell.

I don’t know where to go

I fell like a vagrant

Who can never grant

A clear YES or NO.

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