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MY STASH 24.7.14
July 24, 2014

24.7.14 bd 1

I would say
That nowadays
My stash
Is a flash
Of beautiful things
Something what morning brings…


ILLUSION 17.7.14
July 17, 2014

No intrusion
No confusion…
Peaceful air
Over there.
The waters sing silently
The flamingo stands happily.
And the bridge sighs contentedly.
The wars and violence are far away…
Enjoy the Day!

FREEDOM 14.7.14
July 14, 2014


Farewell, freedom
You are back to serfdom.
Born as a slave
Never can be brave…

WHAT A DAY 3.7.14
July 3, 2014


The world smiles at me this morning
And a good day is starting
For me, and for everyone
Who lives under this Sun.
A great day
Is on its way…

* Catch of the Day – Eugene de Blaas

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