PARIS. 4.10.12 (24.2.14)


Paris, oh, charming Paris,

I saw You in my dreams

For many years.

So lovely and so dear.

And then we met…

It was May

Exceptionally cold day,

Dirty streets,

Sullen women in the shops

And museums.

A suspicious guard on the top,

Running after me in the street

What a treat!

But chestnuts pink and white

Made my day quite bright!

A small church at Montparnasse

Gave peace to my lonely heart.

Louvre charmed my eyes and mind,

After all, Paris was so kind!

Hop top bus seemed boring,

But I kept adoring

From the upper deck:

A lady reading paper at cafe

A cigarette in her hand.

Parks somewhat neglected,

But so free and natural.

The taxi driver singing

Diligently searching

My hotel and the street:

What a treat!

I love You Paris,

Je t’aime, Paris!

Au revoir!


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