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TO FLY 19.12.13
December 19, 2013

Fly, ah, to fly
In the sky,
Grey, blue or green,
Kind, welcome, or mean…
To feel the air
Over and there.


December 16, 2013


A bleak, grey day

Of December

Neither light, nor gay.

Do you remember

Winters of the past?

When Christmas were so close at last?




WINDOW 12.12.13
December 12, 2013


Everything here is so shaded
Ancient and faded
My only hope is the window
Open though very, very low.
Well, I prefer higher spots
Just to see a lot,
And enjoy the beautiful sky…
So… Good-bye!

THE WALL 9.12.13
December 9, 2013

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A thick, high wall

Stands between us two

You can cry or call

The wall doesn’t hear you…


AWAY 5.12.13
December 5, 2013

Away, away
On this very day
Nothing keeps me here any more
My heart is so bitter and sore.
The wind whispers in my ears:
Everything will be OK, my dear…
But all around is dead and broken
I don’t see any token
Of life, or hope
No, no… Nope.

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