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August 31, 2010

Autumn sky grins blue and clear,

Flower garden blooms still nice and dear;

Rusty leaf as good-bye brief

Falls down to the ground

Without muttering a sound.

And I sense the autumn’s breath

Calling me like very death.


August 23, 2010

Stairs, shabby stairs,

Where will you lead me, where?

To the darkness grim somewhere?

Fears where dimly snare?

Oh, no, I see some light up there,

Some ray of hope is shining bright,

After all, it might be well, it might.

Yet something keeps my sight:

Nasty chain, and  switch on the left side.

What could they mean, what hide?

And who will answer me, who?

August 16, 2010

Our diligent train

Be it sun, fog or rain

Does his best

Travelling South,

North, East or West.

The landscape kindly shows the way

Nicely, calmly sliding away,

But the train whistles daily

Greeting his friends gaily.

Hallo, my green and bright meadows!

Hallo, my brown, red and blue cows!

Bye-bye till the next time!

I will come again!

Be it sun, fog or rain!

Street Life
August 9, 2010



Morning sun:  

Footsteps run –  

Busy street:  

People meet.  

Noon seems lazy:  

Quite amazing!  

Evening creeps  

Shadowy and deep.  

Night comes black,  

And the street is back,  

Back to peace and calm,  

Quietness and balm.  


August 3, 2010

Cornflowers waving so brightly blue

In a field so sweetly nice and true

And some tiny drops of  dew

Still shivering on the stems…

God, how I love  them!

Thirst for travelling
August 2, 2010


 … I become restless. I am crazy for travelling, always eager of seeing new places and people. And as spring starts to show its very first signs, I feel like stretching my wings, in other words, packing my old, devoted travel bag, checking the list of all the big and tiny things I may need for a near would-be voyage and … then happily falling into dreams.

 Sometimes (and that makes me absolutely enthusiastic) my annual life script has a nice turn – suddenly I receive an unexpected invitation, or a scholarship, and then my spirits, naturally, whizz up like a rocket and my old bones feel a couple of dozen  years younger than they really are. Then my spring sets in whatever the out-of-doors season is.

  The very best and most healthy of all my travels has been my three week stay in Gothenburg, when I was awarded the NFA (Nordic Folk Academy) scholarship. I am so thankful to Swedes who offered this fantastic chance to me!

 I had a separate apartment with a cosy mini kitchen where I could prepare food for myself. This was a perfect situation for independent life. Never earlier and never later I have felt better than during my Gothenburg days!

 My place was about one hour on foot from the city centre. I walked daily to the city, and back, ignoring the weather. It was January, and some days were stormy, others only windy; once it was snowing thickly and the next morning the streets were like of glass: I could hardly make a step. But I never gave in, I always moved out on my daily route.

 Another vitally important thing, of course, was the food. As I wanted to save some money I used to prepare all the meals myself. I went to the grocery once in two days, and my shopping was rather uniform – potatoes, cabbage, carrots, some milk and exclusively one kind of white bread. Like at home I never put sugar into my coffee. The Swedish vegetables are as good as are ours in Latvia, so there were no problems! In the morning and about the noon I used to have a coffee, cocoa or tea with a sandwich.

Then I started for my daily tour along the streets and in Gothenburg they are pretty mountain-like. In the city I used to afford one ice cream, even on a cold day. Then my culture program was carried out – a church concert, an exhibition, the city library, or a museum, then sightseeing (once or twice I got really lost and that added some kilometres to my promenade). In the evening – my research work (reading, writing, discussions and the nights out with my multinational colleague team), one hour or two in the library, or more often, in my room.

 My dinner was about 8 or 9 p.m. and consisted of a vegetable soup, boiled potatoes, a salad and then my sugar-free tea or coffee. Then some research work again, and at 1 or 2 a.m. I went to bed, enjoying the night scenes with cruising ships seen out of my ground floor window.

 As I returned home, my family was in shock, I had become  awfully thin (well, normally I am slim). In several months, however, I had put on my standard weight and, unfortunately, regained my standard mood as well.

 I have had numerous travels after my Gothenburg journey, and each one has been wonderful and unforgettable, but never agai I have felt as well as in Sweden.

Now I am rather fed up with daily routines and intrigues in the office, but one thing I manage to perform nearly every working day is that normally I have two breaks. While my work mates enjoy their coffee at the office, I am walking home – as fast as I can: it is 10 minutes on foot one way. Surely, it is nothing if compared to my Gothenburg schedule, but, anyway, I manage at least to keep myself in some shape.

 Another thing now is that I cannot have my dinners alone, why, I have no right to torture my family with vegetable soups…Frankly, I would love to return to Gothenburg one day.

Night and Day
August 1, 2010

Day is short, night is long, both to us belong. Night is black, day is white. Is it right? And now good night..:)

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